MonkeyLectric Bicycle Wheel Lights

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MonkeyLectric Bicycle Wheel Lights
Price: $29.99 - 39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Jul 03 to Friday, Jul 04) + transit
Condition: New


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Product pages for the M210 and M232

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More choices and lower prices on ebay.

Does it come with one for each wheel or do you have to buy 2 if you want one on each wheel?

you have to buy one for each wheel. It only comes with one display though curiously the battery back has two conectors. I bought two the last time, haven’t actually put on my bike yet. Have played with it, VERY bright.

Let’s hear reviews from those that bought it previously. Pics too if you have them!

I’ve been commuting by bike for over 8 years. I bought these at full retail (gasp!) last year because my number one concern when I ride in the dark and esp. in the rain during the winter months is being as visible as possible. In general, drivers are aware and respectful of cyclists because there are so many here now in the SF bay are, but in the rain it’s difficult to see and Californians barely know how to drive in the rain and sometimes become more aggressive at lights because they are already running late. It’s a little scary to think that person in 4000lb car distracted by their phone (grrr!) can have your life in their hands. Safety first!

Plus, these lights are just fun/cool to have on your ride. :slight_smile:

Would these work on my wheelchair? It’s a standard wheelchair.

I would imagine so! They attach to anything with spokes and are fairly adjustable/low profile. As long as your wheels are spoke-style wheels you should be fine.

I bought these last time they had them. I love them. Cars notice me at night when I am approaching an intersection and people think they are rad :slight_smile: Yes, you do have to buy one for each wheel… but you don’t have to. I bought two and put one on the back wheel of each of my bikes, which is more than enough for visibility reasons.

Will they work? Well you probably can find a way to attach them, yes. But will they work well? I’m hesitant to say it will. They work by the blur of motion, which is achieved by speed of the bike wheels. I’m not sure if a wheelchair will rotate fast enough to see any of the shapes or patterns.

Having said that, if you just want lights, they will certainly add a splash of color. But if all you want is some color then you can surely find cheaper options.

At the end of the day, a wheelchair with glowey lights on it would be pretty neat. I encourage you to at least try something. =)

These seem to be on Woot every other week, always the same price though.

Seems cool, but price i always too high. for a full set you’ll be over $70.

Can you program your own designs, or are you stuck with the ones they come with?

Per the product page, you need to be doing at least 10mph for the pattern to be visible. Below that, you’ll just see blinky lights.