MonkeyLectric Bicycle Wheel Lights

MonkeyLectric Bicycle Wheel Lights
Price: $27.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $9 Two-Day or *$12 One-Day
Condition: New

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MonkeyLectric Bicycle Wheel Lights
Price: $27.99 - $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New


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STILL no Pro series? WTH Woot!??

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I’m buying one after seeing it on a friends bike. It’s extremely bright, riding you can’t feel that it’s there, and the batteries do last a while. He’s ridden it in rain and shine for about 5 months with no problems, the only issue he says is that it does take some speed (you have to be going quickly) to be able to see the images. Gettin’ the 232.

Time to check out the product page for the M210 and the M232

Install instructions require a sign-up form with name, email and other infos? Lame… not doing that, and would have liked to read about how the installation of the battery onto the hub and the on/off switch works…

Why only 3? These don’t sell by the pair… Guess it’s one set for me and a single light as a gift.

Here’s the installation PDF. Doesn’t look too unwieldy:

I just might get this. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have more visibility when commuting home at night during the winter.

Seriously, woot, 4 wheels on a pair of bikes… Someone up the limits on this woot.

MONKEYLECTRIC - Serious kudos for the speedy delivery last time. I mean Amazon Fresh delivery speed there. Think my post office is pretty much right next to your warehouse.

Hopefully, by dawn, the limits will rise, and more than just my wife’s bike will get lighted from this woot.

From what I’ve gathered from the Amazon reviews, these require two of the lights on one wheel to get the patterns at a decent speed, like shown in the videos. The battery pack has two connections, so it is possible to power two of the lights from one pack.

Amazon Reviews:
Monkeylight M210
Monkeylight M232

It’s cheaper on Amazon if you’re a Prime member.

I have the bigger version-2 on each wheel…the originals when they first came out (a few years now), and the newer improved ones as well.
These are the best lights EVER!
They are fairly easy to install.
The only problem i’ve had is everybody keeps trying to flag me down to find out what they are and, where to get them.

27.99 ea + $5 shipping = $32.99 for 1, $60.98 for two. For the big ones, $44.99 or $84.98 for two.

$39.99 on Amazon for 1 with prime, $79.98 for two. For the big one, $59.99 for one, $119.98 for two.

Woot wins hands down.

I was just looking at getting these last night but just couldn’t pull the trigger because of the price on Amazon.

Thanks Woot! In for 2!

These lights are fantastic. I bought a 210 when it was a kickstarter project, have had an earlier version of the 232 on my commute bike for a couple of years, and picked up the 232 the last time they were offered, as an upgrade. With these on your bike you ride in a puddle of light and feel really visible. I -knew- I was visible the night a taxi stopped to me to ask what they were.

So do these only light one side of the wheel?

This product instruction page shows the patterns available on the 232:

Question for anyone who has Monkey Lights: Are the lights only visible on one side of the bike, so that one needs two units per wheel to add visibility on both sides of the bike? Or do the LEDs shine through to both sides?

And the user guide, showing all the patterns, for the 210: