Woohoo! Yay for the venn!

As far as I can tell, “The Cake is a Venn” is in the back catalog but was never a daily. I thought ‘all designs’ was just dailies and derby winners. I guess it makes sense for them to include anything ever printed, but what about designs that were only ever on totes or aprons (do those even exist?)

The Cake is a Venn was not a daily, but it was printed as a tee a few weeks back in the Mention of Honor side sale following the last double take.

Anyone know about the quality/thickness of the white shirts? I’ve never bought a non-color one and worry about giving it as a gift to a buxom beauty and her being comfortable in it.

Marvelous idea! Glad you thought it up!

I would totally have gotten the “Exercise: Some motivation required” with the T-rex had it not been offered in a hoodie. If they could print it on a tech-T it would be even better! Woot-on!

Shhh…that’s a secret! :slight_smile:

That tee has been offered on a multitude of items, but Tech-T’s aren’t an option. There was a discussion a while back, and the ink would negate the wicking quality of the tee, and ink doesn’t adhere well. That’s why most often, there’s either a small printed logo, or it’s stitched in to the fabric.

Are the zippers really white on the Motivation Required lw hoodie?

uh-oh is perfect to wear when flying or when going to flying events. if it came in black or dark navy blue i could wear it under my flight suit…

I was thinking about getting the Some Motivation Required LW hoodie, but then I noticed that the dinosaur on the pic for the front doesn’t have any teeth! What’s up with that? Can that be fixed? He’s not very scary/motivating without teeth

Thank you, thank you thaaaaank you thank you THANK YOU for reprinting the I ___ ORGAN DONATION tee.

I take care of a 25 year old in need of her 2nd graft transplant (kidney, hopefully mine) and this shirt is epic for the cause. I bought two and we wore them in the pics for the newspaper article, but more importantly people were forever asking…“what does that mean?” which opens the door to a convo about organ donation. We wore them slap out. Stained threadbare and a couple of holes neither are fit for wear outside of the house.

Buying at LEAST four. Maybe 6.

♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪

(~^.^)~ (~^.^)~ (~^.^)~


Good eye, thanks for pointing that out! I was thinking of getting one, too…but grampa dino isn’t so scary.


Just remember to check the sizing chart, as these are printing on the newer blanks versus your old copies.