Monopoly: Disney Villains Edition Board

Maybe that’s what the difference is – the thumbnail graphic probably had the dollar info but the caption below it didn’t so they didn’t see it. They were looking in the wrong place.

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Looking at the set-up, all the photos look like this:



I’m so sad I forgot about Midnight Madness last night. I’m just going to assume I wouldn’t have made it out of the VOP successfully.


Maybe I got on too early?! Was it on the page before midnight? I’m not mad, how can someone get mad because they somehow phuced up and missed the deal. My kids are too little to play right now, but anything with Maleficient on it, I really want. I mean, she has awesome super powers, is beautiful, and has a dark sense of humor. She’s me in animated form, minus the super powers…maybe🤔

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Welp, that was anti-climatic . . . “Alex (RIP), I’ll be paying full price for :100: