Monoprice 4-Bay Diskless NAS Enclosure w/RAID, DLNA, FTP

This thing’s coverage on the internet can best be described as vague…

The price is outstanding for a 4-bay NAS, but the reviews are awful.

Even at Monoprice, it only manages 2 stars, with most reviews talking about how frequently it dies.

It fairs little better at Amazon with a meager 2.5 stars.

The off-brand ARM processor is worrisome, especially given that many entry-level NAS devices come with Atom or better.

I typically love monoprice products, but I don’t think I’d risk it, even at this price.

Yeah, don’t. IMHO, for products like this, there tends to be more “folks who know what they’re doing” leaving reviews at MP versus other sites – so when they say something has issues, it has issues.

I also look at the perspective that if a MP product is great, there’s no need to be selling it at a place like Woot.

If you can buy it directly from Monoprice for $357, how is retail price $600? 30% still isn’t a bad deal, but at this price I think I’d go with a QNAP 431.

I’ve had excellent experiences with Monoprice cables, but pretty poor experience with their other tech gadgets.