Monoprice Ethernet Over Power Powerline Converter

The description reads “This HDStream Kit includes two Wireless N Powerline Access Points (AP).”
Can you verify that this price-point indeed includes 2 units, or is it for 1 unit?

It includes 2 units - one acts as the transmitter and the other as the receiver.

Will this work on 220 volts or is it 110v only?

Per the Specs tab:
Input Power AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz.

I found that following the instructions to enable security/encryption on the WiFi access points does NOT work. Nothing I tried (different IP addresses, etc.) would get me to the device’s login page, so I’m not using these since an unsecured access point is usually worse then none.

Does anyone have a link to the manufacturer’s web site for documentation or help, or that of some company rebranding these and selling them under another name?

You might try contacting MonoPrice’s Customer and Product Support for more information:

I am having the same issue. Has anyone found a way to configure the security?

Holy crap, guys! I finally figured out how to access the settings! I was a good hour into the world’s worst support chat with some guy who literally had nothing other than the PDF of the crappy paper manual it came with, and had an epiphany when he gave up. So here goes.

First, unplug one of your units entirely. We’ll do that one second. Now unplug whatever network cable you have connected to the one we’re working on. Then you’ll need to do a total reset, which involves holding down the WPA/RST button for 6-10 seconds and then releasing. You’ll notice that everything but the power light will go out for a few seconds, just like when you reset a router. Once they come back on, we’ll get to work.

I used my iPhone for the next steps, but I also tried with my MacBook Pro and it worked as well, so I’d imagine it’ll work with anything. So I found the SSID for that adapter on my phone, and tapped it to connect. Before it even gets to bitching about the lack of internet or a password, go ahead and change to static IP, and use the info in the manual (I set my phone to, subnet to, and the gateway and DNS to At that point, in Settings my phone would show a connection, but I didn’t have a wifi indicator at the top status bar. Jumped into Safari, put in the , and VOILA! a login screen appears. It’s nice enough to tell you that the default login is admin/admin, and the next screen that comes up asks you to pick the passphrase for the security on the wireless. It actually defaults to the passkey that’s printed on the box (if you have it) but you can change it to anything at this point (so if you’ve lost the box, it won’t matter). If you just accept that, or if you change it and hit accept, it enables the security on the Wifi.

As soon as you do that, it’ll disconnect you from the network, and you’ll probably have to tell your phone/computer to Forget it, and then repeat the Static IP part again, and then log back in with admin/admin. At that point, you can change the SSID, or dick around with whatever else you want to. Bear in mind that changing the SSID will make you go back to doing the Static IP trick AGAIN and picking up there. (You should be able to make a custom Location in SysPrefs on a Mac and make this a little easier).

At any point, you could just disable the wireless entirely if you want, and be done with it. But if so, you’ll be starting back at square 1 and factory resetting to be able to access it, unless YOU want to figure out how to make it work with a wired connection… ha ha

Once that one’s done, I unplugged it from the wall (just to prevent any possible problems since they’d be talking and assign themselves the same IP address) and repeated with the other one, no ethernet connected. Once that was done, I reconnected the ethernet and plugged both in. They booted right up, and the wireless is secure and the data is flowing as well as ever. I already had a router at each end, with both a regular and ‘guest’ network, so now I’m annoying my neighbors with SIX stupid SSIDs instead of just one. ha ha

Hope anyone else who got these can get this working for them too.