Monster 128GB Mini Solid State Drive

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Monster 128GB Mini Solid State Drive
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New


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128GB SSD…

Capacity: 256GB

?? It is past 1am, maybe I’m missing something.

[MOD: 128GB. Fixed.]

Monster Digital Homepage

Taste like 128… Feels like 128… Smells like 128…

It’s Monster, so the internals are gold plated. Once you plug it in, it automagically doubles the advertised storage because, Monster gold plating.


I was going to pass until I saw this spec.

“Laser Etched Stainless Steel Enclosure”

Laser etched holy crap!!! I think that makes it 10x faster

One of the computer crew peeps must’ve seen your post before I did, cause I think it’s fixed. Unless I’m missing something.

I’m still avoiding products made or branded by that mobster company.

What is it? Flash? SSD? How many times can it be rewritten? I don’t see any real technical specs…

Since this is essentially an oversized flash drive, how does its speed compare to, say, a
64GB Class 10 SD card or flash drive ?

Let’s hope so, because it’s the only way it will EVER be considered a fast drive!

“250/150 MB/s read/write speeds”
“Incredibly fast file transfers and backups”

Sorry, boys, but those two statements do NOT belong together!

The guy at Best Buy told me it was the “oxygen free copper” that’s inside of it.

What he said. Not sure what the advantage is over a USB3 flash drive. Lots of those available now in 128GB. Maybe there is some advantage that I don’t know about.

You win… And your right. I have a SSD drive (128gb) drive I got from Costco’s clearance rack. The OTG cloud device is ok but the drive is really really slow. Can’t use it in my car for listening to music. I can listen to the music but it stutters, skips and buffers way too much.

I hope you’re joking because those speeds are crazy fast!! Most of the fastest 128GB flash drives are like 190/130. I’d take the slightly larger case size of this drive for this price at that speed. I suspect it handles the heat of transferring at those speeds better than a flash drive too.

Also lets not forget that the “ssd” has only 2 stars on

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Monster 128GB Mini Solid State Drive USB 3.0 SSDOM-0128-T

It’s an SSD.

7200 RPM Solid State Drive? Do you mean that’s how fast you can spin it around by the cable until it breaks off?

[MOD: read again. see post below]

Yes, unreliable, quit working, DOA, etc. Strange because the 256GB version of the same product has 4 stars and good reviews. I understand that it’s just the case that looks the same and the internals could be completely different. But still strange.