Monster 128GB USB 3.0 Solid State Drive

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Monster 128GB USB 3.0 Solid State Drive
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Why would I opt for this over a 128GB 3.0 USB thumb drive? I got one for about the same cost from BB

Reviews over at Crutchfield

SSDs are made of stouter FlashRAM than USB sticks. These things are engineered to be an active drive, while thumb drives are meant for archives and sneaker-net transfer.

Has anybody had any experience cracking open an external drive and using it internally?

Can this be used with a chromebook?
It would have to meet the following requirements:
"SB thumb drive and SC cards are generally accessible if they:

  1. Use a standard format like NTFS or FAT32, and
  2. Do not require any software installation"

Yup. It’s just a circuit board. No interface or anything so it couldn’t be used for anything else. Plus it’s very slow. At least with USB 2.0. It comes formatted EXFAT. I’ve tried NTFS (faster) but it’s still slow. I got mine for a toy and that’s about what it is. There’s a reason it’s only $30.

Used with a Chromebook - I’m assuming you mean as an external drive? Chrome OS has a built in file manager - so yes, it should work.

…if you plan on taking it apart and using this in the Chromebook; chances are it won’t work since it’s to large (physically).

sandisk have a tiny usb 3.0 128 gb stick for $37 and is most faster than this brick

Beat me to it. This drive is DOG SLOW. I do keep it in my laptop bag and it has a image/backup of my laptop. Got mine from Costco back in the spring when they were clearance them out for 20 bucks.

Woo hoo AND HO HO HO FOR SSD Baby!!

They also (typically) have smarter memory controllers, which do a better job of balancing the sector rewrite load, making them last longer. That same controller also makes them much faster.

No, this is not so. The NAND technology is the same, although the chips may be different. The big differences are that an SSD has different controlling logic and uses more chips in parallel for faster data transfer.

This particular drive lies kind of in the middle of a thumb drive and an SSD. It’s not really one or the other. It has an SSD-like controller that is more powerful than a thumb drive, but not as fully featured as a mainstream SSD.

I actually bought that sandisk drive recently and it’s not very fast; mine has been getting about 90-100 MB read and 20-30 MB write with USB 3.0 and then it slows down after a little while. I may have just gotten a dud i guess.

I then ordered which is more expensive but better performing according to,3248.html. The other well performing drives on this chart were either more expensive or I couldn’t find them.

The new drive I’m getting about 90-100MB read and 75-85MB write. Still not advertised speed but much better than the other.

It’s worth noting that these speeds are using a 2tb mechanical hdd which is nearly full. When I use them with my main ssd the kingston speeds up some but the sandisk doesn’t seem to. It’s also possible I’ve made a mistake somewhere but I made sure to use the same port even.

Yes, it can. I was just using a nearly identical drive with mine last night.

There’s your bottleneck.

Don’t buy this for the speed. Knowledgeable Amazon reviews make it clear that the actual speed of this is not as advertised - more like 30MB/sec. In that case, a thumbdrive probably makes more sense for convenience if nothing else. But this might make for a more impressive Xmas gift for someone who doesn’t need the speed or loses thumbdrives easily.

Can be used with an HP Stream I assume?