Monster 7ft USB Cable w/LED Powerflow Indicator – 2 Pack



product(s): 2 Monster 7ft USB Cable w/LED Powerflow Indicator

condition: New

$1.99 + $5 shipping


Looks good. In for 3 (6)


Shipping kills it…


I honestly can’t think of a good use for these.

What are these ones useful for?


Wooted these before. I have to leave the cable unplugged at night (I’m in a dorm room) because the “powerflow indicator” is such an annoying bright blinking light.


I got these the last time woot offered them, they work great, and due to their length, they allowed me to space out my printer and laptop with ease. For the price, it is a great buy.


Not really, if you buy 3…I’m in.


Ummm, USB devices?


Ugh… jeezem this is so annoying… woot cmon… its been weeks since anything interesting has gone on…


Apparently the price on one?; froogle


Got these last time.

Got 3 this time.


You could use them to tie things up…



In for 3.


man how cheap are you? 7$ for 2 cables is 3.50 each. And that’s if you are are only in for 1.

You can’t get quality cables at that price… unless you get staff discounts at bestbuy or something. In which case this deal is still slightly better!


I know I am must be missing it, But what color do these light up as ?


the majority of usb devices these days are A- B. as opposed to 3-4 years ago when every device had a cable specific for that individual device. i use them with my midi keyboards, printer, external hard drives, USB tube amp(mic and guitar input), and more i cant think of.

can always use a few extras.

or sell them for a few bux to some sad sap.

im in for 3.

i think im on my 12th woot now! woot woot !


I bought these when they were on last time, and they are pretty nice, all except for the freaking stupid blue light. It drives me crazy… I used to unplug my external hard drive at night because I couldn’t stand the strobing spot light in the corner of my room. I mean I’m cool with a blue light, even if it blinked occasionally… but this thing can probably be seen from space and it blinks stupidly fast. Now I just put some electrical tape over it and it doesn’t bug me as much. However, it does make my set up look slightly more ghetto…


Does anyone know how to disable the flashing light? I got a set of these last time and the quality is great for the price. The problem is they’re really,really bright

(You get one blue and one red.)


yeah what are these for, I bought the Pioneer upconvert DVD Player from woot last night, would thse be of any use considering

“USB port is cool for watching DivX files on the LCD”