Monster Beats Studio Headphones

Finally, Beats at a price that equals their quality. Too bad they’re refurb’d, but at least a great price if you were looking for a pair and didn’t want to pay the ridiculous $300 price tag for a pair of (at best, decent) headphones.

These would appear to be the previous generation of the Studio. The new ones have a rechargeable battery and are only available in four colors. Still, a good deal, even if they’re refurbs…

My 13 year old has wanted a pair of Beat Solos, I grabbed these for a Xmas present price is right.

Still a lot to pay to “look cool”. Too bad they pay more attention to trend setting then performance. My son got a pair of beats. When he’s gaming on my PC, he puts his beats away and grabs my JVC HARX500’s. Cheap but sound better and you still get that “hey, look at my big ears” look.

Still not worth the price. Buy these only if you want to pretend to be a celebrity or if you want your bass to drown out all other sound details.

I don’t agree with the negative comments. I really am impressed by the Beats Studios clarity. You pickup/hear things you never heard with other headphones. Even watching a movie with them is a new experience…you hear every little sound with such clarity!

There’s $60 cans with similar sound quality. $120 can get you a better experience than what these can provide.

I am not harassing you I am just curious as to what other headphones have you used that these were better?

Kinda pissed. Are these going to be shipped out anytime soon? It should have been already…

And let me ask why do I have to pay CA taxes when this company is located in TX? I never had to pay taxes 1-2 years ago. Kinda ridiculous.

Usually standard shipping can take 3-5 business days form the date of purchase. I would recommend that if you don’t see any shipping updates on your order by Thursday, October 31st to email into Woot Member Services at and let them know. It should update very soon.

As far as the tax, Woot is now required to collect sales tax for orders shipped to AZ, CA, GA, KS, KY, NJ, NY, PA, TX, VA, WA, and WV.

If the item that you order is subject to sales tax in the state where it’s shipped to, tax is generally calculated on the total selling price of the item. Based on state tax laws, the total selling price of an item will generally include, among other things, shipping charges. The amount of tax charged on your order will depend on many factors including identity of the seller, type of item purchased and destination of the order.

I hope this information is helpful, if you have any further questions, please feel free to check out the Woot FAQ.

I ordered these on the 25th, and it still hasn’t been shipped. “Shipping now” my ass, for 5 days. Never have I had to call customer support to ship my item. Wonder what else kind of shady stuff goes on here. Keepin’ it classy, Woot.

You can’t get a better steal than this, I’m a very satisfied customer

Hey all. The sales said they would ship in 3-5 business days. Today is the 3rd or 4th business day, depending on when you ordered. For drop ship Plus sales, the vendor will sometimes wait until the sale is complete and ship all orders at once.

They should ship this week but you may not see updates until Monday, especially if they get picked up late Friday.

TL;DR: It’s early yet. They’ll ship soon.

Also, we don’t have a customer service phone number. All correspondence is via email.

these are knock offs(Fake) got mine after 11 days…just to find out these are fakes…check your serial and signs between real and fake…

These are authentic Beats headphones. We aren’t in the market of selling fakes.
If you have any concerns regarding your purchase, please email into Woot Member Services at

This has no serial number and so many scratch…

Refurbished is Rubbish?

Beats and Woot! are very disappointed…

It’s very common for vendors/manufacturers to remove the serial number from refurbished items. This lets them control the warranty so people aren’t making claims that it’s a new product.

So where are the my cleaning cloths and the (2) AAA Batteries it said it would include?

I’m not sure but you can email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.