Monster Beats Tour In-Ear Headphones

Decent reviews (3.6 out of 5.0) over at

Check out this “very good” review (and video!) over at

These might make an wonderful accessory to one of our sweet, sweet tablet deals?

My friends are already envious of my superior $50 HDMI cable, but maybe I’ll buy these headphones to make them more envious!

I bought one from Office Depot a few months ago. Felt like nothing special. Not even close to my Boss one. Maybe just me.

Haha, $80 for headphones.

These are the original ones, not the Beats Tour 2.0, right?
The original ones have lots of one star reviews on amazon (, although the newer 2.0 ones seem to be somewhat better (
Regardless, I’ve never spent more than $20 on headphones, and I also have never found $10-20 headphones to be inadequate either.

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make sure you leave the price tag on.

I have some of these without the mic on them. Bought them overseas, and if they are knock offs, they are a VERY good knock off. I’ve compared them side by side to an “authentic” pair and they are identical. I paid less than $40 for them. The sound is great. Lots of bass. Fit my ear perfect an the zip up carrying case is nice. I like the flat style tangle free cord. If you don’t like a lot of bass in your music these may not be for you.

Well, everybody knows that the higher you pay for an HDMI cable, the sharper and more well-defined 0’s and 1’s become.

Lol… these cost more than my MP3 player… GTFOH! I have some nice Klipsch S2s for a 1/3 of this.

I see Monster and I automatically deduct $50 from the value. Then there’s the shame of actually having audiophile friends seeing me with anything that says Monster and there’s pretty much no chance I’m buying this.

Remember back in the days of analog and RCA’s when Monster was a commendable purchase? Yea, Beats aren’t the same as that.

In fairness, these are a good deal for Beats. But Beats are not a good deal for headphones.

Worst sounding ear buds I have ever owned. How they continue to sell this junk is beyond me.

Skull candy earphones are 20 bucks or less and have the same, if not better sound. You are only paying for the name, and the right to prance around your local gym like a tool.

Ha! True!

Now if these had oxygenated copper wires…

Have to agree. Have had so many sets of earbuds have their wires break, over the years.
Couldn’t imagine spending $25. $40 with the mike and controls.

I have a some thing the looks like this and they are cheaper.
I am not sure how they compare though but I have not had any issues with it.