Monster Beats Tour In-Ear Headphones

My friend has these and let me use them a couple of times. I would rather fork out the extra money for some Bose IE2 earbuds. I love my Bose headphones better and they’ve already lasted me years. The IE2s made me want to buy the QC15s (which I did) and now I want the AE2W bluetooth headphones. Sound quality is something I personally would invest a little more in.

And that comment nails it. Decent earbuds can be had for a lot less. Or for the same price, look in to some really good on-ear 'phones like the Grado SR60.

I was in for 3 until I realized the price was $79.99 and not $7.99.

231 1-star reviews on amazon. Wow

There seems to be a lot of skepticism to the idea of paying $80 for headphones!

While the value of these beats is debatable (I’ve always avoided Beats, because they’re reputed to be overpriced for their quality), $80 for a decent set is hardly ridiculous - you just need to pick the right pair rather than trusting the price tag. Not only is there a noticeable difference in sound, but they tend to be much more durable. The best reviewers will guide you to headphones that fight above their price range.

Let me recommend:,2817,2383119,00.asp (had an earlier version of these until I lost them while traveling, loved 'em, $99 on Amazon),2817,2358803,00.asp (I have a pair of these for running/working out, super durable, $55-$60 on Amazon)

I know what you mean, but I suggest you consider the possibility that they keep breaking because you keep buying cheap ones. Then again, cords can always be vulnerable even when reinforced, but the Shures I linked above have a detachable cord for exactly that reason.

Surely you’re not suggesting a reputable company like Monster would over-charge for something are you? I’ll bet these are so expensive because they’re “Ultimate High Speed” like their HDMI cables. Because who hasn’t been annoyed by having to wait around for the picture to make it through your cables?

But seriously, I’ll never knowingly give one red cent to a company built through deception and misinformation.

…and I’ll stop calling you Shirley.

It all depends on where or how you use the headphones.
For me, I use them almost exclusively while traveling, so it’s going to be noisy regardless of how good the sound is. Also, I’ve lost more pairs over the years than had them broken, so I don’t need the highest quality either.
At home or work, I use speakers or over-the-ear headphones (such the ones on Woot now, although cheaper and not noise-canceling) rather than headphones anyways.

So $80 or $150 headphones might be worth it to some people, but for me and most/all of the people I know who wear headphones, there are better ways to spend your money.

I got these for X-mas and wish I had a gift receipt. They’re very uncomfortable, even with adjustable buds & the brand is extremely overpriced. DON’T BUY THESE!!!

It’s just anotha payday fo’ Dre, son!


My brother and I each received a set of these as a promotional gift. Both sets died in less than a year, his in 3 months mine in 6. After contacting Monster Customer Service, they said they would be happy to provide a replacement pair if I could provide them a receipt from an authorized seller. I explained that as they were a promotional gift, I could not provide a receipt, which was met with a “well, there’s nothing we can do.”

Endpoint - Buyer beware! Unless is an “authorized seller” in the eyes of Monster, your receipt is almost as useless as these overpriced earbuds.


Do yourself the favor and buy another pair of earbuds. Don’t jump on the Beats bandwagon.

$80, ha!

I bought my daughter two different pair of Beats ear buds. Both developed problems with the cords pulling loose within a month. The second time, she was getting shocked in the ear by them. I personally did not care for the overwhelming bass sound, but a lot of people I know who tried them really liked it.

Just spend the money and buy Bose

If these don’t have the giant ‘b’ logo on it, how are people suppose to know these are beats?