Monster Big Screen TV Kit


Wednesday, January 04, 2006


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Come on feel the Quality Posts:
[]p2, snurks delivers the Froogle
]p2, dreemernj checks out theMonster site pricing.
[]p3, KyleBlack08 finds the Amazon page
]p3, timidbull has more price comparison links
[]p4,Malik 112099 drops even more price comparisons
]p4, thedude_364 announces his forum code of ethics
[]p4, jeffreydurbin explains the Woot business model to a befuddled newcomer
]p4, CoffinDweller calls for a boycott of Monster Cables because of their overzealous copyright thuggery
[]p5, makauff2 backs him up with a pasted news clip
]p6, chrisspiss1186 tosses in CNet’s price comparison.


Excellent woot (but then it’s not hard to beat Calendar Crap).


cool woot. yeah it doesnt beat the calander crap


ugugugu too bad i dont have a big screen tv!!!


Awesome Deal!!!


I don’t have a big screen :frowning:


nice might get it


good woot good price dont need one


in for 7!! Thanks! OP


Should be refurbished


I’m dissapointed again. How many of these do they have laying around…


If i only had a big screen…


If Only I had a Big Screen


How about a 39.99 52 in TV?

Does it come with a free 10-Disk matrix set?


eh? I want more calandars.


bleck back to listening to my new cd player


naaah no thanks…maybe bag o crap tomorrow?


Meh… no big screen here. Nice item, though.


If I had a big screen tv i’d might buy it