Monster Big Screen TV Kit



Monster Big Screen TV Kit
$34.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Monster Cable High Performance Big Screen TV Kit - BSTVK1-HP


I bought this last time and it is a real good product! Get it while you can!!!


Don’t buy anything from Monster. They’re what’s wrong with America!


Cheaper on Ebay! I’m dissapointed. Bedtime.


Boycott Monster Cables!!!

Monster Greed


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You mean stuff like this?

>_< @ the price


[Don’t buy anything from Monster. They’re what’s wrong with America!]

So true, when everyone thinks Monster is good, proves one thing, there is a sucker born every 1/google of a seccond.

Sad but true!

Monster is just commercialized, nothing more, sad but true, I wont buy it. But a lower price then normal for those that may… dif strokes 4 dif folks.

Not me though


There’s something wrong with America? Are you sure?


I paid about 20 bucks at circuit city for just the cleaning stuff for my bs and it is nice stuff. One bottle will last you forever and it doesn’t run down the tv.

Why can’t it be Friday??? Thursday Woot Off SUX! Some of us have to wake up and make money to spend on Woot and can’t hang out with the jobless bums spending all of their grandmother’s inheritence.


What was with the speakers and now this? I thought it was only one item per day? Or am I missing something?


Is there some way to find out what kind of speakers those were?

The server was blown’ up and everything was wack. I’ve never posted nor wooted before, and I was kinda trying to woot the speakers hoping they’d either be those Sonys or the Boston Acoustics from a while back… 'Course maybe it’ll wind up they were the Logitecs and I just saved $35 bucks.


Nice, this page from the last woot-off still works:

It shows the current Woot and % left until the next Woot item.

Not made by me, and sorry I can’t remember who did make it, but could help take some of the load of Woot’s servers.

Edit: looks like Black2d beat me to it =) Thanks again Black2d, this really helps!


AWESOME - a woot off!!!

The kit is well worth the money woot has for it. I got this last time and the surge protector is worth the money alone. Not to mention cables.

This should sell out fast. If I did not already have a kick arse protector for the main room and monster cables running all around like a birds nest, I would by this myself.


What’s going on with the Podcast!!! I can’t get it to play for more than 2 seconds without it needing to rebuffer.

It’s bad enough to stare at another sleezy Monster Cable hegemony woot.

I want to hear what Matthew has to say!!!



I got these the last time the cables did improve my picture on my BIG TV.


“Refurbished Web Hosting”… “More expensive than a bag of crap but every bit as good”

Must be woots way of saying WTF PWNED! haha


Hmm… and I thought it was Dick Cheney.


is the yellow bar to show how long until the next item?
‘sorry my first woot-off’

BTW, I have seen this woot somewhere before…