Monster DiddyBeats In-Ear Headphones

I don’t care how great they are, I will never pay more than $15 for earbuds. :confused:

Too bad they’re pink

We’ll call them whatever color you want. Salmon? Fuchsia?

These are some of the worst made. They are terrible. Any real audiophile listening to tem can tell you that. $65, you really blow, woot.

No need to get personal. It would be more helpful if you gave a real review on the specifics of why you think they’re not so good.

Spending this much on ear buds is definitely not crazy. The thing is, any headphones under the “beats” brand are designed for one thing, hip-hop/rap music. They have a great low end (some may call it muddy, but it supposed to be like that). The mids are so so and the highs are not that great. That being said, all aspects of these headphones sound better than “stock” headphones you get with any mp3 player. If you’ve never heard anything else, you’ll probably be amazed.

For me, there’s a little too much concentration on the low end and not enough on mids and highs. I use Klipsch Image x10 earbuds, and I’ve been happy with them from day one.

You are paying for two names here. One, is a cable company that most audio industry people who KNOW good sound, will tell you is WAY overpriced in general, and you are also paying for a hip hop mogul who puts his name on products to make more money for him and the company involved, and maintain his extravagant lifestyle…a name that that, well, do I need to list the things in his history that he would rather the public forget about? Some of it relating to a recent racist and homophobic rant against someone just for drinking a vodka that wasnt the one he endorses…

If you want to support such things, then go ahead and buy, but there are a thousand other ear bud models out there for half this price that are going to sound equal and perhaps better to most average music listeners out there.

just sayin…

I listen to music on my Beyerdynamic 990s Premiums (shoot I paid 280 for them last year)

Anyways, I haven’t listened to these headphones specifically but I have listened to a few Beats headphones in my day. They’re essentially all marketing with middle of the road quality. The thing that bothered me most about the beats was the bass sounded…How to put it, Over-enhanced? There was just too much like it was over compensating. I am definitely more of a treble head, but beats made my music very loud and annoying.

If that’s your thing go ahead and buy these headphones, at least you’re not getting totally ripped off at woot’s price. Just like bose, you’re paying for a name. The quality that is marginally better than your average headphones, and probably a thousand times better than standard ipods headphones if you’re into hip/hop rap music.

you will never hear music the way its meant to be heard. I agree with the above posts that beats and diddy are not mixed well. My bose earbuds are a lot crisper on all frequencies and overpowering bass is extremely annoying

I just bought a pair of $5 earbuds because I can’t wear my headphones at work, and the classic ipod buds hurt/scratch my ears.

They’re mostly okay but there are definitely times when a certain note is off pitch by as much as a quarter tone, maybe a bit more. This gets really annoying but I’m gonna have to learn to live with it for now. Earbuds aren’t headphones, and they don’t need to be expensive like headphones do.

I purchased some ‘beats’ earphones from a woot sponsored deal. They were fakes. lame.

I think this is different, but i still probably wont buy headphones thru woot anymore =/

Just to clarify, you purchased them from another company via a Deals.Woot sponsored deal. We’re sorry for the confusion caused by that deal. Please know that the Deals staff has been working diligently to find out if those headphones are authentic or counterfeit.

The important thing here though is that they were not sold by Woot.


Well… the important thing is Woot sponsored the deal and should have a more diligent process in determining who they sponsor. Once the brand name is associated to another, they are held accountable by the consumer. I’m a marketer- you should hire me.

That’s weasel talk. A Woot user knows that those deals are vetted. They don’t appear by some sort of internet magic. Someone’s got some 'splainin to do.

Does anyone know if these are truly noise cancelling? I see that it says yes in the description but I don’t see anywhere else (other websites) that noise cancelling is listed for this model…is there actual noise cancelling technology in them?

They are not active noise-canceling. It’s passive, aka noise-isolation, like most headphones. Active noise-canceling requires batteries.

Montster + Diddy - how can you go wrong? I’m surprised only 4% bought 5.

With warm regards -
PT Barnum

Monster & Dr Dre. have ended their business alliance, Monster is no longer making the Dr Dre/diddybeats products therefore the value of these things have plummeted. Originally $180.00 you can find for $50.00 - $60.00 anywhere now. These are clearly inventory sell-off to get off Monster’s racks, they have already pulled the Dr Dre/diddybeats line from their own website. Monster would NEVER sell or market product through WOOT otherwise!

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There is another pcmag review generally saying the same thing. Great lows, muddled highs. In other words, it’s exactly as other users had said, use these for hip hop but not any other genre that feature highs and lows. For example, acoustic and classical would probably be not so good.