Monster Digital USB 3.0 Flash Drive 4-Packs

Go away! Nobody likes you!

Not all devices can use On The Go (OTG) flash drives. Check first

Is this password protected capable?

I know. So looking forward to the next item!

Still at 95%, woot probably have a million of these things!

could take days…

These are going like hotcakes! Woot! really has their finger on the pulse of what computer users are clamoring for!!

Please take these away, Please God take them away !

these suck
write speeds suck

monster sucks

These are the bidets of Computers WOoT!

Please, for the good of mankind as we know it,
remove these useless thing’s and replace them with something less useless.

These are definitely in everyone’s BOC

Perhaps in 35 minutes you’ll get your wish.