Monster HD Performance Pack

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Monster HD Performance Pack
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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an HDMI cable is an HDMI cable. I am sure most know that but just because it says monster does not make it better than a $4.99 bargain bin cable. The power strip looks nice tho :wink:

The outlets…they look so shocked/scared.

Online$72.88 …

Walmart but not available.

and makes me want to eat skittles

Can’t bring myself to buy anything “Monster” without feeling like I’ve been duped.

Props to the writing team again for the reality check. One brand of HD-stuff is no better than the next. It’s all in the marketing.

Sorta like Apple with computers…putting a higher price on the same hardware with a “bestest ever” OS and charging you for it.

M series maybe,

We don’t even have Walmart around here. I wouldn’t shop there, the buyer site scares me enough. EEK!

Some hdmi cables are better than others. Take for example HDMI 1.4 allows for 3D content and better audio.

Of course its all very pointless when you can get a nice cheap 1.4 on amazon for a few bucks.

Why, after 5 colors, did they decide the 6th color should be a different shade of green instead of something different like blue?

Love the write-up.

Very true.


Anyone else notice that one of the ‘features’ of the HDMI cables is that they are paintable, to match any decor. Because not all HDMI cables are paintable…

a power strip and a couple of hdmi cables for 30 bucks? What a rip off

Truth in advertising. Hooray!!