Monster HD Performance Pack

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Monster HD Performance Pack
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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ohh great monster cables… im happy with my dollar amazon hdmi cables

Wow, even during a woot-off Monster products are still overpriced!

Monster is a terrible company run by a terrible guy. Do not buy their products, please.

How can monster cables even be considered a deal?

There’s no point in overpaying for monsters. Just pick them up from amazon or monoprice

sadly its a rare item
only 1 left to buy and don’t forget to pay the $5 to make sure it gets packed up and sent to you before 1 of us walks away with this quality item.

Monster cables being superior and pricey are about as big of a scam as those magical balance bracelets that people wear.

That said, not a bad price for what you get.

Even for $30 this seems like a ripoff.

How long are the cables? it says two pack and nothing else


pssst – they all work the same too

Buy Monster and proclaim to the world that you know nothing of relative pricing.

I will do you all a huge favor.

There. I just saved you humdreds over your lifetime.

description does not specify the length of the cables.

A ripoff at any price.

I second that.

Why is it that American outlets look like scared faces?

Not even Woot can lower the inflated prices of Monster products enough to make it worthwhile.

wow monster cables. I bet the connectors are plated with like, gold and platinum and diamonds and stuff to make it super HD quality, right?