Monster HDMI Performance Maximizer

**Item: **Monster HDMI Performance Maximizer
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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one day

I… frickin… added… it… to… cart… and… it’s…GONE. wtf.

This is the worst torture one can endure.

Maybe never for me…

You have got to be kidding, has someone written a script to get these damn bags o’ crap?

First Sucker:
Last Wooter to Woot:

Freaking bot.

I got as far as placing my order. Then it said it was denied. :frowning:

Is this like Viagra for HDMI cables?

The performance maximize.

HCMI Performance Maximizer…

Well, this is where it ends, folks.

Edit: Not that I’m complaining, but why are people buying this?

Hmmm… $9.99 to take 2 overly expensive Monster HDMI cables to make a long overly expensive Monster HDMI cable. Schnope. I’ll just buy a new cheap HDMI cable from some other brand.

is this a signal booster for an HDMI cable that’s too long? because I was under the distinct impression that HDMI was digital and 1’s and 0’s either show up (picture happens) or not… I wasn’t aware of partial signal/picture degradation

so what does this do in reality?

this is funny, it says the retail price is 149.99, at $10 it is kinda of on the high side.

Well maybe the real game is to see who can get the most “gray/sold-out BOC’s in their cart” I have 4. Winner gets the real bag of crap?

Seriously, one BOC at a time? Oh, how I long for the Woot days of yore…

…and another missed BOC in my cart. Do you guys really think people have bots, no wonder I can’t win…

Have people really paid anything near $150 for this? I guess not, since it’s here. $10 maybe if you need it. Otherwise a rip off.

It is not a booster it is a connector, so you can connect two cables together to make longer one, with the price of cables, you can probably just buy the one longer cable for the same price as this connector

“signal amplifier and equalizer restore original source signal and provide boost for maximum long length HD performance”

Psh, yeah right. When it’s digital, it’s either on or off. not in between. So by that same coin, there can be no “restoration of signal”. There can only be extension of a signal. Only stupid people buy “gold plated” and “gas insulated” hdmi cables at best buy or radioshack or what have you.