Monster HDMI Performance Maximizer

Monster HDMI Performance Maximizer
Price: $4.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $9 Two-Day or *$12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Monster HDMI Performance Maximizer
Price: $4.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New


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2 words. SNAKE OIL. same basic thing $2.00 regular price not this 149.99 baloney

Rats, I bought 3 of these last week for $150.00 a piece. If only I’d known.


For $5 it’s not a bad HDMI bridge though, but monoprice is still cheaper.

The “Performance Maximizer” headline is a complete lie though, digital signals don’t work like that. You either have a picture, or you don’t. If it sucks through HDMI, it’s either the source (blu ray player, TV, cable box), or the destination (TV, projector, monitor, etc)

I’m confused as why someone would even need this? Since it sounds like it’s just malarkey that it would enhance a signal, does it just act as an extension then?

Snake oil is not synonymous with overpriced. The coupler you linked is not a signal amplifier. They perform two separate functions. For long runs of HDMI, one does indeed need a signal amplifier. How this does it without external power, though, is fishy.

Exactly. Unless this thing gathers the power of Tesla and pulls electrons out of the air to amplify the signal with, it’s just a coupler. A better rule of thumb is just to never buy anything ‘Monster’.

AHA! I just read on another site that this does in fact have an external power supply…

no power no signal app. as i said snake oil its just a coupler

Very true. The “you don’t need these for digital signals” argument is ALSO bogus. Do you need one for a 6 foot run? No. But 60 feet without a signal booster might not work…

Anyway, I would presume that this device uses the 5VDC power available on the HDMI cable for it’s power source.

EDIT: Pointed out that this device DOES include an external power supply. Oops…

It says that in the features on THIS site.

Did I read that wrong? Is this a typo? Maybe it’s a $14.95 coupler…149.99? Shouldn’t you just buy a second one of whatever your getting your feed from and leave it next to your device with a 6 foot cord?

According to the features page this has an “External low-noise power supply.”

It probably was 14.99 and someone hit another 9 by accident. lol

Well damn. Just when i realized i wanted it. I suppose a splitter from monoprice will be more useful, anyways.

An HDMI signal can only travel so far. HDMI specs claim 15 feet but that’s extremely conservative. You could probably hit 45 or more feet with the right quality cable.

But if you need more distance, you need an amplifier. That’s what this is for.

If you’re hooking two 3 foot cables together, than no, you do not need this. But that does not make it “snake oil” as that is not it’s function.

This is not a splitter, so… if that’s what you’re looking for, this will not help you.

Actually… it wasn’t a typo.

Here’s a place still selling them for 149.99