Monster Headphones

Sorry to be a bummer, Woot. If you don’t mind the blemished box, Monster is selling the over the ear Inspirations cheaper and with free shipping on E-bay.


And you can get them in the Titanium color that’s not available here.

Thanks for the tip, I don’t care about the box cause it goes into the trash can eventually. This is at least $15 cheaper than woot.

Purchased 3 of the blemished box units off eBay three weeks ago and 2 of the 3 were defective.

I bought the Over The Ear DNA headphones last year. They sound really good, and the iPhone controls and mic work well. The 2nd plug for sharing music is pretty cool for watching movies on a tablet with someone else on a plane. I do have a small tear in the earpiece covering which is the only bad thing I can think of for this price point. Well worth the hundred buckaroos.

Buyers beware:

I bought the noise cancelling Inspiration headphones last week after doing some research and I can confirm the weight of the headphones can cause issues. For myself personally, the headphones gave me a headache only after wearing them for 15 minutes. The pain is especially pronounce at the area where the band rests on your head - the ear cups fit me fine. I thought the sound was good, a little bass bias compared to my Senn HD 555.

I reached out to Woot customer service seeking a return, but since the product isn’t defective, I cannot return it - buyers beware.