Monster Headphones

No one should ever buy anything made by this evil az$hole of a company!

That isn’t the only ridiculous trademark suit they’ve filed.

Thanks for the info. I was on the fence for the last couple of weeks regarding these headphones. Your comment is indeed the “Inspiration” I needed. I’m in for a pair. The anger of your post makes me want to see what the fuss is about even if editorial (ie opinion) you reference is only 7 YEARS OLD! Thanks again for the heads up.

This isn’t the only Monster item I bought from Woot! It likely won’t be the last but I only hope it is the best.

I have a pair of the Inspiration and for the money you can’t beat them. i tried several over ear head phones and this is my favorite pair.

wasn’t a huge fan of the in ear buds, they didn’t stay in my ear as well as other pairs i’ve tried out.

Have a pair of this brand. They arer deacent. Cord tangles easy.

Are the over the ear phones only for iphones? I don’t have an iphone and never will, but these look like they would work well.

I got mine FedEx today. It only took 4 days from order to my front door! They look really nice and have a good heft to them. My wife says they are heavy on her. They feel really nice, the ear cushions are soft but will not deal with sweat to well. I popped a set of aaa batteries into one ear piece and plugged the phones into my Fiio flac player. These sound great! I started playing them with the ANC off and was surprised they sounded so good. I turned on the noise canceling and they sound even better (and louder). For what listen to they may well be the best sounding headphone for the money. A hundred bucks is a REAL steal for these. I tend to listen to anything but mostly rock and I tend to like a strong but defined tight bass that is not too boomie. The noise cancelling itself works but its not the best. Came with a case, though only big enough for the phones and the three cables they came with (two cable with i-controls and one straight through. You could fit an extra set of batteries in there too. Overall I’d be really happy with these for 150 bucks but I’m THRILLED for a $100. I played them on my iphone, Sony mp3 player, Fiio player (with and without the Fiio amp) and laptop and all sounded great. I think after a 40 hour burn-in they will be a truly great set of headphones.