Monster Headphones

Is Woot an authorized retailer for Monster? Monster is particular with any warranty coming from a non-authorized dealer. People have had their warranty rejected - saying that these other dealers probably bought them defective.

Our vendor gets them directly from Monster. Warranty should be fine.

But the receipt will say Woot, so when you show it to Monster they won’t consider where you got it from. I checked the Monster authorized retailers and Woot isn’t on there :frowning:

Some reviews said that the mids died out over time, so you’d want the warranty coverage.

I had a chance to try these and they sounded excellent, however they didn’t sound better, to me, than my Meelectronic Air Fi Runaways. Over on Amazon these have like 110 reviews with, what looks like, an average rating of 4½ stars. The Air Fi have like 1,800 or more reviews with similar ratings. And a number of those reviews mention users who compared the Air Fi’s sound to their Dr Dre’s without hearing a difference. Just mentioning these for anyone who may be comparing headphones before they buy.

Those aren’t active noise cancellation though.

I was comparing the Meelectronics Wi Fi Runaways “on-ear” headphones to these on-ear headphones which don’t have active noise cancellation. Only the “over-ear” model has that.

I have that exact over-ear model, and I can vouch for them.

By the numbers:

  1. Sound: Good. Very good. Base thumps nicely with the n/c on. Mids and highs very clear. Without the noise canceling on, they’re still quite acceptable.

  2. Comfort: Good, but not the best. I have a pair of really low-end non-noise-canceling Bose that I can wear practically all day. These Monsters are heavyish, though well-balanced. For me, I can get about an hour and a half before they really start to get uncomfortable. Presses on the top of my head a bit.

  3. Noise canceling: These will not completely block out all sound, but they will lower everything very dramatically. I used them on my flight to and from England, and was very satisfied. In casual use, n/c improves the sound and dramatically reduces background noise like conversations, traffic, etc. To be clear, these are not in the same class as the $300-$400 Bose models I tried out in the store and looked longingly at as a moth flew out of my wallet. But for the price, they are impressive.

  4. Looks: Well, you’ll look like an 80s sci-fi TV robot like most headphones nowadays. So there’s that. Oh, and you can buy headband straps of different colors and styles if you want. But… They’re headphones. I don’t really use them as a fashion statement myself.

I suppose if looks/bragging rights matter, you can point out that Monster was the company that originally engineered the Beats line before everything “sold out” and the big split with Dr. Dre, etc. But come on. They’re big, clunky 80s robot ears.

  1. Miscellaneous: It’s a bonus that the headphones can work without batteries when not using n/c mode. You won’t get stuck without headphones just because your Duracells ran out. (OK, you use Rayovac. We all use Rayovac. But we’ll pretend we’re fancy enough to use Duracells.)

Overall, I am glad I bought these and would definitely recommend them at this price. Cheers.

Cheaper at Walmart and that includes free shipping! Com on Woot!