well done …well done!!

Way to go, Drakxxx! Congrats on yet another print!

Woohoo! Drakxxx won a derby outright! Let celebrations and mirth commence!

thats a long tongue!

Wow, look at that dragon burninating those thatch-roof cottages.

Wait, are those THATCHED ROOF COTTAGES?!?!?!?

I don’t see the peasants or the countryside.

I’d totally get this as a tattoo… but after the years that dragon would probably sag down into that poor, poor village.

Oh, very nice, very nice! I knew this would make it. Congrats, Draxxx! And you were thinking of not entering ^_~ Phshawww!

And quite a deserving print, I might add.

Great use of a limited color palette on this one.

I think I see and elephant jumping over the monster.

Burninating the countryside! I like that beefy arm… coming right out of his neck there.

FINALLY something worth buying :slight_smile:

It reminds me of the ying-yang symbol.

After several derbies of saying, “Ooh, if that Draxxx design prints, I’m going to buy it!” and either it not ranking, forgetting, or just missing it, I’m finally getting around to buying one. Even got to use my “serendipity” coupon to boot, which I also was forgetting about.

Well, now with all this talk of memory lapses, I feel old…

First time in a long time I haven’t seen Drakxxx paired with Crescent Debris

I see Grendel’s Mother…so definitely getting that legendary feel.

It’s such a mirthful shirt as well! I like the hidden penguin and kitty.

Well done Drakxxx

Makes me want to spear me some dragon!!!