Monster iCase iPod Travel Pack



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Monster iCase iPod Travel Pack
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Monster iCase iPod Travel Pack

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You’ll Thank Me later


If for one! I actually need this. Thanks w00t!


Not a bad price for the charger and splitter…


didn’t I just see this on sellout??


Do you really need something like this. Isn’t the point of an iPod to make you music experience smaller?


Two of these on Tuesday and they still have more? Probably made in China…don’t put it in your mouth.



lol ipods are so small now days, what a waste to buy a huge ole case like that. in for 1!!!



Why would you need space for CD’s if you have an iPod…? What would you play the CD’s on?


Make it a sCase Sansa Travel Pack and you’ve got a deal.
i dont like i pods, hence why i stick with my trusty Sansa


I bought one of these for a long term stay at the Mayo Clinic in '06. Very very handy.


The thing I like about Monster is they overprice their stuff so much, they have plenty of overstock for Wootoffs. This is a good price for the adapters, but man is the case ugly.


They should call this the iCase iPhone Travel Pack and it would sell out!

Hmmmmm, good question, I wonder if it works with iPhone? Then I would buy one.


wooted this about two weeks ago…suuper cool…fits my psp and games and charger…the charger works with the iphone…i do get the “not compatible” message but click right thru it. works perfect…




Are this things even worth it ? I missed the damn car power supply :frowning:


not a bad deal, $40 on amazon and still have to add nasty shipping


debating whether or not my eee pc would fit in it.