Monster iCase iPod Travel Pack

will it work with my Creative Zen Vision M?

will this work with my ipod?

just horrible!!! nothing else can be said!


will this charge iphone 3g?



At least this is a shitty item that people can afford to buy down if it takes too long.

wow and gone

What size ipod does it hold?

They only have 1!?? Damn that was fast!

so, it’s an ipod case that holds cd’s…does it hold 8 tracks too?

One of the best headphone splitters money can buy.

I see that this is a “Monster iCase,” but what size does that translate to in people terms? Is it bigger than a bread box and smaller than an SUV? It’s tough to tell from the picture if it is as big as a portfolio that will hold a 8.5" x 11" pad, or in the 5" x 7" range.


Wow… I actually know someone who needed one of these and they were gone before I could register!