Monster In-Ear Headphones

Diesel Vektrs are great. They definitely don’t tangle, come with a nice pouch, have a microphone with answer button, and they come with many earbud styles. I am surprised that I actually like the canal style a lot. I think the sound quality is really good. I’m not super picky. I bet the sound could be better, but I have no complaints. Just for the quality of the product I think the earbuds are a nice price. They are also pretty stylish/unique.

Is there a reason in particular that headphones can’t be shipped out of the contiguous U.S.?

The Diesel Vektrs are the exact same price on Amazon right now, so cheaper if you subtract shipping.

The reviews are mixed to not great.

I may be wrong, but I don’t believe Woot ships anything outside the contiguous U.S.

They do. I live in Alaska. It’s just certain things that they don’t, or can’t. Heavy items I understand, food & wine I understand, items with batteries I understand…but headphones? I can’t figure out a reason for a blackout on headphones.

Packaging about Monster Turbine
I notice about this:Please note: Item will arrive in bulk packaging(in the features)
I want to buy this as a gift.does anyone know what is(bluk packaging)mean?
If anyone have pictures is best.thanks a lot.

Bulk packaging = NOT a box.
It’s more like a cellophane envelope. You will find then sold like that in retail stores, too.
The bulk packaged earphones I’ve received from Woot have all arrived in perfect condition inside bubble wrap mailer envelopes. Perfectly fine form factor for presentation as a gift. Wrap it up, put a bow on it… I’d be happy to receive one sent that way.

talking about the turbine
whats the fock, i got a earphone with so many scratches