Monster King

So cool

Love the style! Please let us know the translation for the characters on the bottom right? :blush:

Nope. If it’s ‘King of the Monsters’, it should be the original Toho Godzilla (Gojira), not the newly updated one. Hey, call me a purist…


Awesome style. Congrats!

Image #2 is definitely one after Gojira shot up with “DGH” (Dinosaur Growth Hormone)!

I always knew he was juicing! That’s why I won’t ever vote him into the MHOF. Same with Ebirah!

ko - shi - ra

Almost. Go - ji - ra . Godzilla.

Very radical! If I do say so myself :smiley:

I’ve know since 1954 exactly who the king of all monsters is!! I was cool before cool was even cool !!

Gojira will always be king, especially when the Japanese army fights him while wearing white cotton gloves !!