Monster No Frills 19ft HDMI Cable



Monster? Just say no.


Just do me a favor…do a quick search for “monster cable scam” before you buy these. If you still want 'em, I have a beautiful timeshare to sell you! And a Nigerian prince wants to give you money! And I can give you winning lottery numbers for only $1000!


Please don’t buy monster cables.


If you want to get the best HD sound and video your TV can handle, get this HDMI cable.

Or any other HDMI cable, they are all the same.



this is a deal?


Selling Monster products: respect lost, Woot.


I refuse to pay three times what this cable is worth because it says MONSTER on it. It’s like buying $250.00 tennis shoes.


No, not Mobster Cable. I prefer Monoprice!


Two words: No.

Or is this an ironic wootoff-killer?


For 19 bucks, I expect a few frills.


I prefer frilly HDMI cables, but they’re getting to be hard to find.


But it’s better because it’s got gold…and this one goes to 11.