Monster Overdrive Mini USB 3.0 Drives

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Monster Overdrive Mini USB 3.0 Drives
Price: $89.99 - 139.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Aug 18 to Friday, Aug 21) + transit
Condition: New


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PC Mag Review

A nationwide membership club tried to push these to members also…

Big name. Small capacity drive. Large price tag. They are heavily discounted at the club also and they are still not selling.

Monster, the educated consumer got wise to your game when you charged $100 for a cable that others sold for $10 that worked just as well.

Thanks, but no.

Time to learn all about the Overdrive line

“Many time more reliable than standard rotating hard drives.”

How many time Woot? How many time?

Wow, you got a bot that gets you quality posts. I am not worthy!

Perfect Review on the 512GB over at B&H Photo

For a second there I thought It was 2005 and I was shopping at Best Buy.

Yep, I was having the same Deja Vu that you were having!

So many! Fixed.

What’s really spooky is they aren’t BOTS!

Cool! Glad they are not bots. But, who are “they?”

Lich, Conan and Won. The three amigos of product info. Wootstalker is a bot though.

Whew, I’m so glad this popped up. I have this giant wad of cash that’s been cluttering up my solid gold kitchen table. I’ve contemplated throwing it away, but keep thinking I should instead use it as toilet paper. But now, with this incredibly overpriced, opposite-day deal, I have something even better than wiping my cheeks to throw it away on.

Thanks Woot!

The thing about Monster is, they spend a lot on suing people for using Monster in their name. As a result, not enough is spent on design or quality of materials. If you like crappy products and supporting bullies putting people out of business with expenses to fight legal battles (that Monster has never won in court), by all means, buy Monster products.

Well stated, but me thinks your bum would be better wiped with with the cash…

Hmmm, such a difficult choice: one of these 256MG drives or a 1.5TB WD drive for almost HALF the price… decisions, decisions…

Review by “By SoCalBabe from San Diego, CA”.

Figures. Enuff said.