Monster Pocket Catcher

Not sure if this is awesome or racist…

Dream to catch th all


WHY are the shirts so lame lately??

I am not a raging SJW type but I would go with racist. I never did like the whole “fake dreamcatcher” thing…

This is a beautiful design.

I see nothing racist about it, and I’m certain that Walmazan wouldn’t create a design that was.

Honor Native Americans Without Appropriating

“Despite this, folks still misrepresent our wares, and faux headdresses and made-in-China dreamcatchers proliferate the “Native American” marketplace. This not only offends many of us on a racial level, but it takes away the livelihood of authentic, Native artisans who learned their craft through many generations.”

Misrepresenting a dreamcatcher with a Pokemon reference…not good.

The Dos, Dont’s, Maybes, and I Don’t Knows of Cultural Appropriation

Good grief, get over yourself.

[list=1][] No Native American is out there making Pokémon dream catchers so we aren’t (a) “taking away the livelihood” of someone who (b) “learned their craft through many generations”.
] This is being sold on and is in no way being misrepresented as authentic Native American art in a “‘Native American’ marketplace”
[*] Nobody is “misrepresenting a dreamcatcher with a Pokémon reference”. It’s an artistic, visual play on words (dream catcher - catch’em all) based on images from two different cultures. Using symbols (whether ethnic, cultural, or even corporate) as a basis for art has long been an accepted, legal, and appreciated practice (see, e.g. fair use for one application of this principal).

Or maybe it’s better, just in case we accidentally offend anyone, to just delete any and all references to Native American culture? After all, you can’t have cultural appropriation if you don’t have culture.

Racist - a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

This… is nowhere near Racist…
Too many people throwing the word racist around without knowing what it means.

Hey guys! Certainly no offense intended on behalf of Woot OR Walmazan. The issue is being discussed among the team.

It’s a controversial topic, there is bound to be some discussion.

“As a concept that is controversial in its applications, the propriety of cultural appropriation has been the subject of much debate. Opponents of cultural appropriation view many instances as wrongful misappropriation when the subject culture is a minority culture or is subordinated in social, political, economic, or military status to the dominant culture or when there are other issues involved, such as a history of ethnic or racial conflict. This is often seen in cultural outsiders’ use of an oppressed culture’s symbols or other cultural elements, such as music, dance, spiritual ceremonies, modes of dress, speech, and social behavior, notably when these elements are trivialized and used for fashion, rather than respected within their original cultural context. Opponents view the issues of colonialism, context, and the difference between appropriation and mutual exchange as central to analyzing cultural appropriation. They argue that mutual exchange happens on an “even playing field”, whereas appropriation involves pieces of an oppressed culture being taken out of context by a people who have historically oppressed those they are taking from, and who lack the cultural context to properly understand, respect, or utilize these elements.”-See Wikipedia Cultural Appropriation

I agree, but its still not racist.
Most likely someone who isn’t Indian at all either. Let someone from that culture be the offended party. They really don’t need other people to be offended on their behalf.
I’m hispanic, and I’d be more offended about someone being offended on my behalf, than the original offense depending on the intention. I can tell the artist means no harm or offense by this.
You can’t simply take things down because someone cries racist or i’m offended. There would be nothing to publish / sell / etc…

How far does your objection to this design go? If Walmazan had drawn this design up as a dream catcher (only) with no Pokemon go references, would you object to him doing that because he’s not a Native American?

I agree, with the artist not intending to offend.

No objection.

Thank you, drunken alien, for expressing this so clearly. I couldn’t put this into words as well as you have already. You’ve done a great job of saying what I was thinking. :slight_smile:

Popang, I’m glad, in truth, kind of relieved that you wouldn’t object if Walmazan had just made a dream catcher without Pokemon things in it.

Personally, I don’t take any offense to the design as it is. That being said, I am not a Native American. If I were, perhaps I would feel differently.

I’d be interesting in know how other people regard this design. I’ll be checking in from time to time to see how other people feel about it, and I hope a lot of them are Native Americans.

I have no plans to purchase this tee shirt, because I am (probably one of the few) Americans who is Not a Pokemon go player. I do like the design though. It’s painful to me that this design is offensive to you and may also be offensive to others.

Ow… but nevertheless, thank you for speaking up, Popang. :slight_smile:

Given that there are folks who have been offended because a design has cats on it, is too cute, is not cute enough, is too punny, is too sarcastic, is not sarcastic enough, etc., shirt.woot would be selling nothing but Green Space all the time. And nobody could possibly be offen … uhhh, nevermind.

But, but, but I’m Kind of Native American, a little more of the south, but the last time I check a Map, still is America all the Continent.

And of course no offense intended.

Why is it not offered in a unisex tank?!?