Monster USB 3.0 Solid State Drives

Don’t buy these.

These aren’t really Solid Sate Drives, they are basically just oversized and overpriced USB Flash drives. I was dumb enough to fall for this on the 128gb version and regret it, all woot said to me was too bad, it’s not defective.

I also bought one of these on woot a while back. The speeds listed are not sustained speeds. I ran blackmagic disk speed utility to measure read write speeds. The write speed ramps to over 100MB/s but immediately drops to well under 20MB/s. Looks like the buffer quickly fills and bottle necks. On the plus side the read speed was consistently over 100 MB/s…a typical hard drive is around 30MB/s.

Long story short, it takes forever to write to the disk but the read speed is decent. If you are thinking about it you would be better off buying a SSD instead.