Monster USB Cable with LED Powerflow Indicator


I want to spend $ for my first woot, but not on this

they alrady had this earlier this morning…blech

I guess WOOT found another pallet of these.

Wahoo! First page!

C’ya in ten hours.

these have been 2 for $1 before. No thanks.

You again! Oh wait, you were a 12 foot one, and this is a 7 foot one for the same price. :stuck_out_tongue:

You snooze you lose.

Tats don’t automatically make you over 18…depends on whether you can do them yourself, have a friend who can do them, have parents who give permission, or have a fake ID.



ahhh dont need one

even at 1.99, monster cables have crazy mark up. no ty

THE CAABLE GUY SAYS “plug that monster in!”

Woot-off repeat?! FOUL!

There’s that strange sound again.

I wonder - would I hear it if I was on a Mac?

7 feet. I would buy it if it were 10 feet.

Why do you need to know what direction the data flows in a usb?

This was on here this morning about 0100

heavy duty and it glows…