Monster USB Drive MultiPacks - 2 Options

I bought a pair of these the last time they were offered here. They work as specified but be advised that they are small. They are 1 and 3/8 inches long by 1/2 inch wide. Sounds big but they are not. They can be connected to a lanyard if you can find one small enough to fit through the hole. They don’t fit on my key ring and I bet the will not on yours. In short, they are easy to lose. If they came with a lanyard would be a bargain.

Did they come as a two devices in one package, or two packages, one device in each package?

Each is packaged by itself.

OK, each is packaged individually…but is it retail packaging or bulk packaging?

LOL. Retail pack.

I opted for the 11 option.
The product i received was not the one advertised.
What was recieved was a dual sided 32GB flash drive. One side has standard USB (Claims it is 3.0, but is not) then other side is micro USB.

Ugh, sorry about the mix-up. Please email with your order info, if you haven’t; CS can get you squared away.

Just got mine, too. What the ??!!

Oh man, sorry about your experience. Please email or use the “support” link at the top of the page to contact CS.