Monster USB Flash Drives

For the confused:

USB OTG means that the drive can attach to some Android devices directly (those running 4.1+).

This is totally separate from Microsoft’s Windows-To-Go, which has nothing to do with these drives.

I ordered this one: Monster Digital USBOM-0016 Color Series OTG Dual Connector 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive - Grey in January. It is a decent drive, but I definitely don’t get USB 3.0 speeds during data transfer.

Found this article that cleared things up a bit.

As a photographer I found out early that read and write speeds (which also apply to SDHC Memory cards as well) can be very misguiding.

Read-Speeds: how fast the data can be accessed. (viewing a movie/image from a flashdrive.

Write-speeds: how fast data can be written. (or transferred)

Comapanys love at advertise the maximum read-speed; but not specify it’s the read-speed and not the write-speed. It’s borderline libelous if you ask me.

Anyways, I got the Advanced OTG 32GB USB Drive. Popped into my phone and it worked like a charm. I have a feeling it’s going to come in very handy since my phone has an 32GB internal only memory; this will also avoid having to plug my phone into my computer to clean it out or add new files too big for email.

I received mine last week - tried it on a mac and windows operating system. It says it is corrupted and needs to be formatted. I have formatted it roughly 3 billion times in hopes it will work. There is a serious error with the device. The second I format it and try to add something to the device it tells me it needs to be formatted. Ive re-formatted it in all possible options. No Dice.