Monster USB Flash Drives

If I put my entire music collection on one of these, will it sound better?

is that a bottle opener on the end?

Hey I am first to comment

… for staff maybe. snickers

In all seriousness, I picked up one of the 32 GB Color OTG sticks in red a couple weeks ago, and it seems to work ok for me. my phone picked up on it straight away, and the file transfers are fairly reasonable, at least for USB 2.0. (I’ve not run a stress test on the laptop that I have a USB 3 port on just yet.)

Haha, she does our UX, I think she’s testing somethin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep missing the 64Gb OTG drives whenever you post these sales. I did snag a couple of the 32Gb OTGs though, they are really small and work well.

The color series have decent enough read speeds, but absolutely terrible write speeds.

4MB/s write is abyssal. Test was done on a USB 3.0 port.