MonsterRAX 4x8 Heavy Duty Storage Rack

This is a steal of a deal. Woot had these a while ago for way more than this and I ended up paying ~$130 for a scratch/dent direct from the manufacturer. They’re easy to install, but they recommend installing into wood studs. Mine ended up getting installed into metal studs in my garage, which are holding, but I can’t speak to whether that was a good idea. (when calling into their support they “can’t recommend doing that.”

At any rate, the amount of sheer space I have now is astounding! haha They’re also not so bad to install, but it is a two person job (otherwise it could take an hour or two with climbing the ladder a bunch)

Does it come with the hooks to hang items as well. I did not see it in the description. Thank you.

mine did not. just the rack and mounting hardware. I’m not positive, but I would assume this also does not include hooks.

I have two 4x8s and two shelves. I love them. Sooo much storage. I did install them myself, which took some time, but is totally doable. I also used all stock hardware. Some older reviews complain about cheap bolts/screws, but I didn’t find that to be an issue.

I too purchased during one of the last offerings. They are amazing, easily the best investment for the garage.

Mine came with all of the accessories as well, in fact 2x of each accessory.