MonsterRAX 4x8 Heavy Duty Storage Rack

I have one 4x8 rack and two 4x4 racks purchased from Woot. These are very well constructed, functional, and better than I could build myself.

How is it shipped? Is the bottom part a single 4x8 piece?

I was shipped the rails only and not any of wire decking. Woot had no idea which parts I was missing and told me to send it all back. What a hassle, it was almost 10 feet long and 60 pounds.

Sometimes they ship in two pieces. Let me check in with CS.

LMAO, I got the wire racks, but no rails… had to return too

I got the wire racks and no rails as well. Highly irritated at this as I ordered 2 of them and opened both to verify.

Argh. Sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Let them know that you don’t want to return them. We’re working with the vendor to resolve these issues.

Woot has been clueless that each set is two packages.

Yeah, that vendor is definitely having issues getting all the parts out.

If you’re missing something, get with Woot CS and we’ll get with the vendor to get them shipped out.

I’m sorry for the poor experience.