Monterey Hazelnut Pond & Spillway-White

What are the dimensions?

According to HD:
Liner Thickness (mil)
Product Depth (in.)
Pond Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Pond Length (in.)
Product Width (in.)
Pond Width (in.)

I bought this through HSN- I paid considerably more for it- and it didn’t even make it through the summer. The construction is VERY flimsy.

Aawwee dang … I’m allergic to Hazelnuts…

$399 on Amazon and $599 at Home Depot…
I got one cuz it was cheaper than the one I wanted to build myself, so we’ll see

Is it 100 gallons like the others I see online? does anyone know? Thanks.

Assembled dimensions: 39" x 30.5" x 25"

45 gallons

I purchased this and it is not usable, now I have to deal with warranty service, so probably be another month before I can attempt it again.

The actual plug at the bottom corner of the liner that keeps in the water does not work. It is warped to the point that water floods out around the edges.

The only way I can keep it from leaking is reaching down my hand into it and applying a ton of pressure against the plug. The second I let go, it starts pouring out again.

I am just glad I did not try to use it indoors first.

It is the absolute worst to buy something and have to send a brand new product back for warranty service. Ugh. They are not even open on weekends, so I have to contact them on Monday.