Monticello Rose of Syrah Mini-Vertical (4)

Monticello Vineyards Napa Valley Rose of Syrah Mini-Vertical 4-Pack
$59.99 $108.00 44% off List Price
2013 Monticello Vineyards Rose of Syrah, Oak Knoll District, Napa Valley
2012 Monticello Vineyards Rose of Syrah, Oak Knoll District, Napa Valley
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I really enjoyed the 98’ cab that was offered here before. These seem like interesting roses although the price is a bit much for me without some community notes.

I see Iowa Is wooting. In Iowa City,but leaving for 3 weeks +,so cant order,but if someone needed to share? J

I also enjoyed the 98 cab that was offered. This rose is a little to rich for my blood. But there is nothing like a good cold rose on a hot summer day out on the deck.

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For around $15 a bottle, not bad, but before I pull the trigger, what is the cellar window on these?

Drink by next summer, or by 2016?

When you add tax and shipping it’s more like $18.50 a bottle.

I had a chance to taste this (I believe it was the 2013) at one of the RPM Tour events. I actually ended up having several tastes because it was so delicious. This is definitely a dry-style rose’. Very crisp, with strawberry and other red fruits on the nose and palate. I think it would be fine even next summer. I’m in for sure.

The Golden Palate has spoken! :slight_smile:

I too had a taste of this before the RPM dinner at Suite D. Definitely strawberry on the nose and palate and also agree that it was dry and crisp. I have enjoyed every Monticello/Corley wine I’ve tried and this was no exception.

Ha! More like “The Lucky Palate” or “The Good Guesser Palate”

That’s way better than my “coin flips went the wrong way” palate :slight_smile:

I think I tried a couple sips of this before dinner at Suite D, but I don’t remember much about it. There was a whole lot going on at the time. I do, however, remember very much enjoying the Corley Family Red later on. Based on the style of winemaking there I’d be willing to give this a shot if I were buying.

Kid, ya got a nice palate there, ya wanna keep it…

$18.10, which is still in the neighborhood of $15 … especially at 1:00 AM :tongue:

2013 Monticello Vineyards Rose of Syrah
Color is pale salmon in hue. PnP was served a bit cold at 58F so the nose initially muted. Picking up faint hints of strawberry and watermelon. Palate is very tart. Don’t see any specs but I would guess this has a pH of 3.4 or less. Initially the wine was quite sour and reminiscent of grapefruit. As it warmed up the dominant note was watermelon jolly rancher. SWMBO and I both wrote that down before talking about it. Had this with BBQ salmon, potatoes, and brussel sprouts. It didn’t go particularly well with any of those foods. This wine was a miss for us as it was just too tart and missing the character we enjoy in our Rose’s.

That was the 2005 Proprietary Red. Delicious.

Sad that no one from the winery popped in. But happy to have a reason to skip this tempting offer.

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Thanks and back to the wineing.

Got a bottle of this today, which is too late to provide notes. But if it shows up in a plus offer my notes will be ready to roll.