Monticello Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir (3)

Monticello Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir 3-Pack
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2008 Estate Pinot Noir, Oak Knoll District, Napa Valley
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Was awoken by a screaming Woot monkey on my back step holding a bottle of 2008 pinot.

The color was clear, whilst being a brickish red in color.

On PnP - initially the nose was tart cherry and strawberry, and had a touch of white pepper (perhaps) and a little pleasant funk. I only mention the latter two as I wasn’t expecting it and it dissapated over time (particularly the tiny amount of funk).

When tasting this is not your tart cherry pinot, rather a well integrated sweeter cherry, cola and touch of strawberry - very easy to drink.


Any additional specs on this? Especially acid numbers. I liked the 98’ cab we got from this same winery a year or two back. The rose from last month was also solid.

That '98 Jefferson Cuvée CS was rather tasty, and at a lower tariff than this as well.

Yes, some additional info from the winery could really help out here.

The Jefferson Cuvée was delicious! Also have really enjoyed their Cab Franc and Rosé of Syrah. If I were in a buying mood I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on this based on the quality of the other Monticello/Corley wines I’ve tried (but agree that winery participation is always helpful).

2008 Monticello Vineyards (Corley Family) Pinot Noir
Hey, just found a bottle of this I didn’t know about.

Notes coming;


PnP @ 23C (it’s chilling now), really wish I’d found this earlier…

Clear, rather pale garnet, no browning of meniscus, fast medium legs.

Initially sharp nose that diminished after ~15 minutes, into cherry and strawberries; not sensing any wood treatments.

Entry follows nose; sharp, of alcohol and it’s elevated temperature, but the fruits hold true; perhaps an unexpected hint of vanilla I’d not have expected given the french cooperage.
This is a fruit driven wine, missing the funk/earth I like in some PN’s, but is not in any sense a fruit bomb, as it remains nicely restrained.

Lingering finish showing slightly of some drying tannins.

Can’t wait to try it a bit chilled…

fresh pour @ 15~16C

Nose now more restrained, no surprise there.
That initial sharp bite is gone too, also no surprise.
Palate remains full and quite enjoyable.

I’m trying to figure out what to compare this to, and it’s easier to exclude.
Not the new world style of a David Noyes or Lucas Meeker. Lacks, thankfully, the fruit and homogeneity of a Meiomi. Much more refined than an R. Merlo or Pedroncelli.
Wish I had a better memory of the B.V. Ramal or Carneros, but I don’t, do fail there.

The more I sip this the more I like it however.
Good on it’s own, and enough acidity to hold up to a meal. Would have gone very well with the salmon of last night.

Glad to see some reports! Sounds like my idea of $15 PN rather than $30 PN, for my taste preferences. Those run toward the earthy/funky style of Pinot rather than the clean/fruity versions.
If you dislike the funk some Pinots have, then maybe you should get a set of these!

Interesting comment, especially comparing to R Merlo, Meeker, and Noyes since I’ve had all three. All of those I would place as “earthy” or “funky” to some degree yet with a frame of acid and fruit. So I guess those are “new world” in the sense that they are fruity, they are also multidimensional wines - which my first read of your comments suggested this was not.

I do, and actually had some memory of them, that’s why I could exclude them. While I like a touch, I like this as well. It’s fresh but not in any way over the top. This has dimension, but in a more subtle way. Really need to pop some Siduri, Cabot, Briceland and Sandler bottles for additional reverence.

Two more palates showed up.
Both agreeing on cherry and strawberry. Noted too cola and a touch of vanilla; long finish.

This is most definitely a cut well above a $15 bottle.

But is it a cut at the $30 level?

Where’s the thread for the david Gerard syrah vertical?

The sites are experiencing some issues currently.

Hopefully we’ll have them back up soon.

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