Monticello Vineyards Estate Syrah (3)



Monticello Vineyards Napa Estate 2007 Syrah 3-Pack
$74.99 (Normally $132.25) 43% off List Price
2007 Monticello Vineyards Estate Grown Syrah


I got excited because I saw Monticello. Alas, it is not the Monticello I had in mind.


The Dark Side! Our Syrah is almost onyx in color - A pleasurable mouthfull of wine that finishes forever.

We hope you enjoy this wine as much as we do.


In for 2.


We certainly respect Monticello and all the Foundation is doing to showcase Jefferson’s legacy. Their wines are tasty and we have enjoyed them many times ourselves.


And I’m sure your wines deserve to be associated with him!


Thanks for stopping in! Love having Corley/Monticello wines here on Woot. Quality Napa juice and a favorite tasting stop whenever I have friends visiting Napa…


Can you talk to specs: ph, alcohol, composition, RS, if any…also the flavor profi
E, case production, and drimking windo. I love syrah and curious thanks!