Montinore Estate Willamette Valley Trio

like the reds, not so much the whites.

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that is bs…i bought it within like 5 seconds…sheessh

only thing that would make up for it…is to be a lab rat :wink:


How are their Gewürztraminers?

Might be willing to give this a try.

So, us NoVA folk had the Perfumed Traminer last night. It was my first. Very short finish, but fantastic nose, though a bit muted on the palate after a really fantastic, complex attack. I attribute that in large part to travel shock, which contra WD, I have found, but only for delicate whites and Pinot.

I’m sitting out this week to let my bank account recover… credit card payments are due, but for all you pinot fans, now is the time to take advantage of the cooler weather. This looks like a great deal, and Oregon, from what I’m hearing, is home to better pinots than Cali these days…

first sucker, bwa ha ha!

you heard wrong.
edit: =P
edit again: I think there are more good pinot’s at a lower price point in Oregon than in CAlifornia (in the 20-30$ range) but that’s because california pinot’s tend to be overpriced. But the high end stuff, Cali all the way. I do love Shea vineyards tho.

in for 1. enjoying many willamette pinots lately. gewurtz looks like a nice bonus based on the reviews.

From their website, “2006 Estate Reserve Pinot Noir, this Pinot has a mid to dark Garnet color with aromas of bright blackberry, mocha, cedar and chocolate. On the palate it offers ripe bramble berries, dried herbs, hints of barnyard, dark chocolate, spice and earth with bright and balanced acid. Balanced tannins, oak spice, bright blackberry, cedar and hints of earth finish long.”

In for 1. DH and I love pinot and gewurz. This is after buying 4 bottles at Costco! (Magnificent Wine Co. red table wine, Kim Crawford sauv blanc, CSM gewurz and riesling because DH likes his white sweet!)

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I’ve been laying off, trying to save some money, but with a Willamette Valley Pinot, I had to jump on this.

This review was pulled from Bigger Than Your, regarding the 2006 Gewurztraminer, "It begins with a gorgeous bouquet of rose petal, jasmine and honeysuckle, litchi, peach and apricot. Flamboyant in the nose, the wine is more spare in the mouth, with bright, precise acid and sinews of limestone. Despite those factors, the texture is silky and sensuous, the flavors almost lush with roasted lemon and lime peel. The finish pulls up a bit of the grape’s natural bitterness. A wonderful wine for the price, about $13 or $14. "

In for a couple - I have had quite a few good pinots from Oregon lately, so looking forward to trying these. Also, the winery looks not too far from my sister’s place in the Portland area, so may have to drop by when down there for XMAS.

… and just for comparison, the December 15, 2006 Wine Spectator, Montinore received the following reviews:
90 points- 2003 Parsons’ Ridge Pinot Noir
89 points- 2004 Winemaker’s Reserve Pinot Noir
88 points- 2005 Reserve Gewurztraminer
87 points- 2003 Graham’s Block 7 Pinot Noir

-this woot is not for these specific wines, but this gives you an idea of the quality.

A previous year’s wine rating is by no means an indicator of the current year.

Oh, captain my captain… You made me go in for two. First sucker AND promo-ing the product? WD, please make this fine new poster a lab rat.

-woo hoo!

the Gewurztraminer is listed at $13/bottle on their website. The peanuts aren’t listed, I’m assuming they were just released. Although a quick froogle shows that the non-reserve goes for $18.99/bottle.

crapola…i really want this deal but no arizona for this…shoot. any chance arizona opens up later this week?

-this is very true; do you happen to have more current information / ratings?