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Haha, everybody’s lashing out at woot as usual for the bag of crap… But it got me thinking…

There should be a bottle of crap here on wine.woot. That would be fun. As long as it wasn’t really TOO crappy, but I guess that would defeat the whole purpose, huh?

by the time the horns have been buried for 6 months the manure turns into a moist peat moss like material that shakes right out of the horn. We take that and stir it in water for an hour with a special stiring machine we built then spray the mix on the soil at the base of the vines. I’ve seen analaysis of the horn manure before and after decomposition and the transition is remarkable in terms of bacteria counts, live fungi spores (both essential for good soil) and varied minerials.

I am a former insulin rep and was provided a full size fridge (no freezer) from my company to store product. It is a fairly energy efficient Kenmore and would hold a ton of wine for a whole lot less than the fancy “wine fridges” if what you are looking for is storage and not style.

This is a good suggestion. I was thinking yesterday how confusing it’s been with the Labrats checking in on different days and times. This could be as simple as putting a special section on the first discussion page near the “Quality posts:” section.

Hello Everyone!
Just wanted to make sure everyone takes a peek at the Sagamore Lobster Side Deal.
Only a few days left!!! Remember you can take delivery of your lobster anytime. It’s a great holiday gift for the person who has everything! And while you are at our site be sure to sign up for the Lobster Clam Bake for Two monthly drawing.

Well, there was the Parker Station . . .


Never mind.

That sounds wonderful. I certainly don’t need a fancy glass front/metal or wood paneling/etc.
Do you mind digging up the model number? Do you know if it’s available publicly?

Any well supplied appliance store will have a refrigerator only model either on the floor or via special order. We have two or three at my very part time job.

FWIW, you can usually modify refrigerators and freezers to run at a higher temperature range if you wish to store wine in them at 55 degrees. I’m thinking of doing that to a chest freezer that came with my house. The other concern is humidity. Some people have mentioned putting a water bucket in the refrigerator for this.

Holy crap, normal.woot has a cool side deal.

The comments from this week have been mighty persuasive. But I’m a little nervous bout buying because I’m not certain I like pinots in general (taken from a limited sample, i just found the ones I’ve tried to be drinkable but unmemorable).

Question to you die hard pinot fans (and also moderate and reasonable pinot fans), would this offering be representative of the Oregon Pinot (to the extent that there is an Oregon Pinot vs Cali Pinot not sure if there is); and would you offer this to someone like me who finds your descriptions intriguing but has yet to meet a pinot to leave a (good) impression?

Until you’ve had one on your counter you don’t know how inferior is every competing product. Note: this mixer is so powerful that it doesn’t share electrical circuits very nicely.

My mom has the baby sibling (maybe 350w) and it’s a thing of beauty. I’m utterly in love with this mixer and having trouble not wooting the side deal.

Yeah, I’m in, for 2. We finished the bottle of Pinot we opened on Wednesday night. It was too good to not go in on the deal. And I don’t seem to ever Woot only one anymore:)

it seems a little cruel to shove a live lobster into a styrofoam ice chest with ice packs and send them all over the country. i’m not much of an animal rights guy but looking at the lobster on their site kinda made me a bit sad.

This is an interesting perspective which i’d like to build on a bit. Despite it’s enormous and unprecedented jump in popularity (aka Sideway’s effect) Pinot remains a wine that requires an acquired taste. Not everyone is going to enjoy Pinot Noir. And for those who have tasted a mediocre Pinot, they may have been turned off all together. Too bad, because i’m not alone in believing that a well crafted Pinot Noir is as good a bottle of wine as one can drink. But you have to pay more to get it, and it’s not for everyone.

Also, a general theme for wine.woot is not just how much a wine is lower than it’s normal suggested retail (the deal) , but as importantly (maybe more) is how much of a value it is at it’s normal suggested retail. Part of why we were drawn to Montinore Estates is because Rudy has wines that are of good value to begin with. Many other previous woots, a great example is Wellington, fit into this category.

I’ll say that I personally prefer Oregon Pinot’s to Cali ones. Cali Pinot’s (to me) seem more full bodied than their Oregon counterparts, I also think the Cali one are a bit more fruit forward. But I’ve found the only way to know if you like a wine is to taste it. Don’t write off a whole varietal because you haven’t liked a few other Pinot’s. As mentioned earlier in this thread most good Pinot’s are a little pricier. Yes, you can get some budget ones, do they do justice to the varietal? Nope. Does that mean you should or shouldn’t jump in on this weeks deal? Only you can answer that. But I routinely have wine tasting parties with some friends over, and I always offer everyone tastes of everything, even though I know some only like whites (I surprised one of those when she really enjoyed a Zinfandel), and even if they only like sweet or dry, I try to encourage them to at least give it a try. I prefer drier wines, but have found with fruit only wines (um, fruit other than grapes - ie Strawberry, blueberry, etc), I sometimes enjoy some of the sweeter ones as well.

I should also mention that I DO enjoy Cali. Pinot’s as well, I definitely wasn’t knocking them:) In the past I have just enjoyed more Oregon one’s than Cali ones:)

Personally, I’ve counted the Woot Cellars offerings at wine.woot BoC.

The BoC is sort of a woot brand, but woot didn’t actually make what’s inside. If I remember correctly, the Polyphemus was made by Kunde. Relatively cheap, good stuff inside. Same idea basically.


it’s great that wine.woot is selecting a variety of varietals as well as wineries from different areas. regarding pinot noirs, perhaps it’s worth considering a somewhat higher price point occassionally to provide a contrast. while price doesn’t reflect quality, it may serve as a differentiater in the pn tasting experience. for instance, the saxon offering was at a higher cost that didn’t seem to impact purchases to a significant degree.

having tasted a number of oregon and cal pns, there is a generally different taste profile and it will be enjoyable to try the montinore version. the cow horn image in the vineyards at this time of year is atmospherically fitting.

The Lange and the FFC reserve both represent higher pricepoints and were both delicious. With only one offering a week, it’s unlikely that we’ll always be satisfied with the breadth of the varietals/geographies/etc.