Montinore Estate Willamette Valley Trio

This post is awesome because I’m a little Sicilian and there’s a special on National Geographic Channel right now about the Mafia in Las Vegas

I think the wine just wasn’t good. Not that its a corked wine. Could be it hasn’t had enough time to come together.

I concur. It is increasingly difficult to find a drinkable Pinot under $30-40/bottle.
The Estate Pinot I had last night was so much better than any Pinot I have had in this price range, and competes well with some in the $30/bottle range.

I bought that certain central cal pinot of which you speak. This Pinot is in another league entirely.

Well, we let it sit for hours, so i dont know how much more time I was supposed to give it. I honestly thought there was something wrong with it, and I hope that by now I can tell the difference between “wrong” and “wine I dont care for.”

I am willing to give this wine another shot and will post if/when I receive the bottles this week.

Update: It’s 4pm and I just got my shipment so in a few hours we will see if I can produce better tasting notes this time!

thanks for the positive review, deconbluez (and others)! while it’s helpful to have kryka’s tasting notes, i hope it is a bad bottle rather than bad wine. i agree it’s becoming more difficult to have a positive pn experience at these price points but at the risk of sounding like mouthpiece for A-Z it seems to fit the price point we’re discussing/trying here and is much superior to many cal pns in this range. and while i don’t want to overkill the central cal pn, i posted our bad experience there and want to avoid it if possible.

if this pinot noir has the musty, earthy, leafy, veg. nose and taste, that may be it for us regarding burgandies on wine woot since it would seem we don’t share the tasting preferences of the staff. however, their taste in meritages, merlots and zins have been very good.

I did not use the M word, so let’s not jump to conclusions. I have some very good friends of Sicilian heritage and I don’t want to offend any of them:)

In my overall somewhat limited experience with the world of wine, I’ve found the Pinot Noir varietals to have one of the widest ranges of flavor profiles and also probably the most distinctive from other varietals. I definitely look for something different in a PN than I do in a Cabernet or a Zinfandel. Without sitting side by side tasting with someone, it’s hard to know if the bottle is off or if it’s just another interpretation of Pinot that doesn’t strike the fancy of the drinker.

It’s worth checking your state’s laws. Here in NC, wine and beer laws are permissive and liquor is not. Since the state ABC liquor prices are so ridiculous, I buy most of my liquor in New Jersey (where liquor is cheap and yes you can buy it on the way to church) - and the NC laws allow me to import up to I think 4 Liters of liquor into the state per year without excise/fee/tariff/paperwork. Add another 4 Liters for my wife, and that’s enough scotch to usually last me the year. :slight_smile:

So long story short, yes it might be/probably is legal, but check your state laws for limitations.

The cases concerning interstate commerce are an absurdly broad overreach. In order to justify FDR’s unprecedented federal government intrusion into state, local, and private commercial matters, the Supreme Court had to really outdo its own already-generous precedents. This reached a nadir in the awful case of Wickard v. Fillburn, 317 U.S. 111 (1942). In Wickard, the Supreme Court held that a man growing grain on his own relatively small property, which he only fed to his own livestock, was “commerce among the several states” (aka Interstate Commerce) within the meaning of the Commerce Clause. They justified this absurd result by acting like 9 elementary school teachers, claiming that if EVERYBODY did it, it would affect the market price of wheat and would counteract the goals of the Agricultural Adjustment Act (which purported to freeze the open market price of wheat).

This wretched decision was thought dead, mentioned only in ConLaw text books, especially after the “Rehnquist” revolution of US v. Lopez and US v. Morrison (which basically said that Congress couldn’t aggregate non-economic activity to count as commerce). However, Wickard was the case that mandated the unjust, and incorrect result in Gonzales v. Raich (aka the Medical Marijuana case).

Yeah, so long story short, ALL commerce is interstate commerce, if Congress wants to regulate it. Anything crossing state lines is immediately interstate commerce, whether commercial in nature or not. But hey, what’s the meaning of a few words anyway? See, e.g., “shall make no law,” “shall not be infringed,” “among the several states,” “the privileges or immunities” and “shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people”.

Typically, you won’t get in trouble if you buy out of state and transport it in person across state lines in quantities for “personal use”. But anything more than a few cases, and you could get in trouble if you’re caught (typically for tax evasion, actually, given the non-trivial excise taxes on booze). I wouldn’t recommend, e.g., filling a minivan with cubes of cheap domestic beer.

Probably not, but with us Jews, you never know, especially once you get back into the old country relatives. We didn’t exactly keep the most detailed records. Just for example, one of the two branches of my family that actually has detailed records, my great-great-great-great grandfather had at 12 kids with 2 different wives, and we’ve only been able to track the descendents of 3 of those kids. His son who I’m descended from had another 9 or so. Granted, the child mortality rate was a lot higher back then, especially in Galicia (where this part of my family is from), but when you’re having that many kids, it’s not hard to be related to people without even knowing.

exactly correct, corrado. people with whom i share the same tastes in other varietals may have completely different views of pinot noirs. and we prefer the more expressive cherry/bright fruit w/complex balance to some that have an almost offensive (from our perspective) nose/taste, something out of a dark/gloomy forest (halloween theme).

nevertheless, there can be distinctions between a bad bottle and a “different interpretation”. for instance, with the central cal pn, we concluded one bottle was simply off/tainted while the other was not at all what we thought should be considered a favorable expression of pn. we only asked for a refund/exchange for the bad bottle and accepted the other one to a totally different view of how a pn should be expressed-which was distasteful…

just my $.02 on the bottle shock issue. I tend to side with WD in that I usually haven’t experienced any significant or “transformative” (in that it’s like a completely different wine) bottle shock with wines. HOWEVER, the only wines that I have experienced transformative travel shock have been pinots, and there has been quite a difference between them right after shipping and after settling down for a few weeks. With others, it’s usually just a little more muted on the nose.

But that’s just my own personal experiences; yours may vary.

Very interesting dialog. Taking notes here.

Let me throw in since you are taking notes - please keep the PNs coming as this discussion has noted we all have different tastes (and also would like to see a PS one of these days). I really enjoyed one of the two bottles of the Cal PN pair from earlier in the summer while the other was OK, just a little on the light side. I loved both of the Lange PNs and luckily have one left of each. I am looking forward to receiving this week’s offering, supposed to arrive today.

I bought a case of a favorite wine this weekend, so my wine budget is shot for a bit, and I couldn’t possibly convince the bf that we should buy this week. But, I did earn the BIGPOND discount I used on the Poizin last week–I had that shipped to my sister’s office because I knew I’d be out of town when it was delivered. She asked me about wine.woot, I explained it, and lo and behold, she just wooted! This is doubly good news for me, because not only do I feel like I’ve done my wootly duty, but I’m pretty sure she’ll open one of these bottles when I’m visiting sometime, so I’ll still get to drink some.

Well today we tried the Montinore Estate Pinot Noir Red Wine.
I must admit that it was my least favorite wine, it tasted as if it was punched with
water, and as a European it wouldn’t be served in a wineglass. However, it will be
good to use the wine to cook a nice pepper sauce for steaks.

My wife posted her comments above… (note to self - she needs her own account)
First, a little background. Our first wine.woot was a little disappointing. It was the 8/31/2006 - Vino Noceto Sangiovese and Zinfandel Trio + One. I think that being a hot summer had something to do with the wine being cooked when it arrived. This scared us off from further wine.woots until the Polyphemus. Nice wine there.

So, without further ado, my comments on this Montinore Estate 2006 Pinot Noir echo those quoted above… it tasted the way it looked and smelled.
Upon opening, the first smell reminded me of salami (yes, really!) and the first pour revealed a dirty reddish color. The taste continued to be meaty (earthy maybe?)…

We really want to provide positive comments but we think maybe we also received a bad bottle. We had already placed our order early, and now can only hope we get a better bottle… meanwhile, I’m going back to the chilled Gewürztraminer.

Now, I’ve had that flavor before – the nose is salty/meaty. I got that off the first Helix Pomatia and I loved it. I really should bite the bullet on one of the ‘good’ wine.woot PN offerings; so far I think I’ve only got the Parker Station (one bottle, still in the cellar; I’m afraid!) and a few Castles. I’ve had a bad habit of trying a PN, liking it, buying a few bottles, and then not liking it down the road.

I’m a highly skeptical person, so my perosonal belief is that there’s more of a difference of taste in Wine.Woot PNs than there is cooked/corked/oxidized bottles… and I want to see what the fuss is all about! :slight_smile:

What makes you say this, besides being cranky? The description does not sound at all like this unliked was wine, rather it indeed sounds like something wrong. Since you didn’t taste it, and since the description seems to match that of other corked wines (or non-wines as the case may be), why do you assume it was just a poor quality?