Montinore Estate Willamette Valley Trio

Moderate? As in too weak to state a real opinion? As in “compassionate conservative”?

**Edit: **Did I say that out loud? It’s the wine (rest of the Madison Cab Sav bottle, plus some Vhino Blanc) and the fact that I have been cranky all day. Plus political commentary. Doh!

Your notes were essentially tasting notes for young, average pinot wines. I really dont think anything was wrong with the bottle. Go and taste some 10-15$ burgundy pinot’s and your description is exactly what you’re going to taste.

guess you two had better no marry. no telling what the kids may be like.


That and my husband might get upset if I married someone else. :slight_smile:

Details, details!

You know him - joelsisk1 - last week’s 1st sucker. :slight_smile: Alas, I *think we’re out this week. The wallet doesn’t approve after all that poizin and my lack of employment. Although, if the Rockies pull off a win tonight (seeming unlikely since they’re currently losing 13-1), I might be able to persuade him to let us go in for 1 in celebration.

*persuade = agreeing to go without starbucks or similar for a few weeks. :slight_smile:

I guess it would be unfair to Joel after he so graciously shared his Poizin with you even though he was out of town at the time.

Sorry Loweeel, you’ll have to find another legal-chick to marry.

**Edit: **All potentially sexist comments (e.g. “legal-chick”) are meant with the sincerest humor and are written under the influence of nearly a ½L of Madison Cellars Cab Sav. Proper blame must be shared with Madwine (despite her likely refutal of guilt) for any inappropriate behavior.

Drink a whole bunch of 10-15$ pinot’s just pop them and pour them. You’ll get the exact characteristics that the person listed. Some fruit, thin watery flavor, etc etc. I went through a phase buying cheaper pinot’s trying to find something i’d like, what a waste of money.

In my opinion (which may not be your opinion) its ridiculously hard to find good pinot in the under $30 range, jsut because so many people are making it now because its the “hot wine”. I’m not being cranky just realistic. Last time i checked wine.woot doesn’t provide wine everyone likes week in and week out.

I received my order today and we opened the estate pinot to have with dinner. We just finished a Spanish Jumilla with paella, the last couple sips of a bottle from two nights ago, so my first taste of the pinot was, well I couldn’t taste anything yet. So, I waited a minute and ate something to start fresh. In the meantime, the color is beautiful, a translucent garnet red with an amber edge.

The second taste, there we go much better - a big mouthful of fruit, raspberries and some cherry. There is a little “bite” from some spice, a little peppery - definitely tastes like an Oregon or New Zealand pinot. Interesting that there are similar characteristics for pinots from these two areas. There is a long finish to the wine, some acid on the tongue for a while. I am getting a bit of a floral and definitely a fruity nose on the wine. Overall, I am glad that I bought two and a little bummed that my e-mail to up it to three didn’t get through in time. I think I may have to gift to myself, but I will wait until I try the gewurtraminer - stopping to pick up Thai on the way home in the next couple nights. So from a price value perspective, to my taste buds this wine is worth it (I am a finance guy, so always focused on price value).


However, there is a big difference between personal taste and pouring the rest of the bottle down the drain. Even after decanting for over an hour it was undrinkable. Doesn’t sound the same as “I didn’t like it”, to me.

What?? Are you doing to me?? Proper blame?? LOWEEEL … I need yo

Woot off! In deference to the fabulous turn of luck this week, I promise not to press charges, Madwine!

No worries!! I’ve got LOWEEEEL on my side, thank you very much! Do what you need to do and we’ll hit you w/ a storm, right, Loweeel? Oh, I’m laughing so hard right now:)

Sorry J, unless she served you when you were visibly intoxicated or there’s something wrong with the wine (which is why those “sue the manufacturer for the end user’s actions” gun suits get thrown out of court), you’re responsible for your own actions. She’s off the hook.

Of course, this is just a lay opinion, in no way constitutes legal advice, because I am not a lawyer and am not admitted to the bar of any state, court, locality, or administrative agency. If you want a solid legal opinion, you should consult a practicing products liability attorney in the appropriate jurisdiction :slight_smile:

See J, you don’t know who you’re messing w/.

After making Mad’s case for her? You’d be lucky to get them at DOUBLE cost, from me. I was gonna be rich, I tell ya!

Of course, first Michelle would have to sue me, so I could claim harm; but THEN I could bring my case and be set for life. The American dream!

Alas, no. Loweeel has already thrown my case out, leaving me penniless; starving; and drunk in the streets. I hope you’re happy!

C’mon J, don’t take that out on Loweeel! Be a sport! I will be when you come and sit and sip wine w/ me!

Have you tried the pinots from Coppola (not the ones from Woot) but the $15 grocery store version, silver label I think. I rather like that one. I’m curious about your (and other wine.woot member’s) opinion on that cheaper pinot.

I was just thinking it is too bad ol’ Clay will probably not be buying this wine, since that means he can’t be a labrat. Precisely because he has never hidden his general dislike of inexpensive pns, I was curious how he would respond to these. Now I will never know.

One more lab rat reporting in. I received the Montinore Estate 2006 Estate Reserve Pinot Noir and upon arrival it was placed into our wine cooler at 54 degrees to rest. After dinner we opened the bottle to let breath and then slowly poured into our Pinot Riedel glass. At first it smelled like onions, but wait, that was the onions from supper…

The cherries and the oak were there, has a sweet start and not a lot of tannin. Very astringent when inhaled. Between the three of us we finished the bottle and it left us wanting more. GOOD thing I have a box coming in the next few days.

We truly enjoyed this bottle of wine and hope others do also.

WOOT — Keep the Pinots coming and how about trying some of the wines from the Santa Barbara area. Thanks for letting me be a lab rat and hope to do it again sometime in the future