Montinore Estate Willamette Valley Trio

Well, I suppose that might make up things. I would love to try the 2004 Seredipity; had a Shiraz-Viognier at the NOVA wine tasting, and I really liked it; wonder how this wine compares.

Make take was that it was decent for the price, but a pretty weak effort for a Pinot Noir. I found I had to practically guzzle the bottle if I wanted the last glass to have any nose left and the flavor seemed to depart within 90 minutes, too. Due to the higher Pinot Price Point, I expect a $14 Pinot to be about as ‘good’ as a $7 Cab, Syrah, Zin, etc.

the variety of taste preferences and wineries’ style make it challengeing and fun to any consensus with pinots. whereas many reds (and whites) fall into an almost linerar spectrum of essentially how well the winemaker obtained the body, nose, and taste within a certain profile, these expressions can be all over the map with pinot noirs.

that’s why the tasting notes are interesting to round out some basic parameters (just like they flesh out raw scores). if there is a pattern of notes indicating the pn is earthy/tar/mushroom (which gives the central cal pn too much credit) as opposed to notes of cherry/bramble, then it’s helpful to discern how that particular pn expresses itself. still, there were a many different views on the central cal pn-to us it had no redeeming characteristics and was beyond a mouldering fungus in a deep forest-not even for using in a sauce.

The M word doesn’t exist anyway, it’s a fabrication by the government against honest, God fearing, hard working Italians.

Montinore Estate Willamette Valley Trio
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I invoked “friend in New York who will let me ship it to his apartment” and pulled the trigger. I couldn’t resist an Oregon Pinot Noir.

Hmmm … suspicious response, this one.

It might be wisest to forget this conversation ever happened, capisci?

Are there any decent pn’s out there for under $20 a bottle?
In deference to this winemaker, could someone post some reccomendations on the cyber pub?

Ok, so my second bottle was MILES away from my first (which has convinced me that yes, indeed, I did get a bad bottle). So here are my updated tasting notes for the Estate Reserve Pinot. Please be kind - this is my first attempt at discussing what I taste in the wine…

I opened the bottle at about 6:30 upon arriving home from work. I poured a bit to taste prior to decanting. It didn’t smell too different from bottle 1, but it did taste different - no strong tart taste. Even out of the bottle, it was smooth and velvety.

After I had let it decant for 30 minutes I tried more. It opened up well - there were definite berry flavors and some earthier notes that what I expected. The first thing that came to my head was “subtle.” This wine is not overpowering, light on tannins and has a wonderful mouthfeel - very smooth and soft. I did rather enjoy it, but it was not quite what I was expecting. To be fair, it has been awhile since I have had a Pinot - my preferences as of late have been Syrah and Zin. Overall, it was very good, and I would buy it again.

Ok, hope that was helpful!

Thanks Kyrka - glad the second go around was to your liking. So here’s a question to ponder, if the labrat bottle was “bad” meaning “turned” should there be an obligation to re-send another bottle? or is it the luck of the draw? discuss amongst yourselves… :wink:

Personally, I feel you are under no obligation to send me another bottle - you were under no obligation to send me one in the first place! However, your idea for leaving me on the “not a recent labrat” list was, I think, a good one!

I’d say ‘Luck of the draw’ It sucks, but it happens.

Let me ask you this, if you went to a party with a bottle that ended up being corked, turned, whatever, would you feel obligated to drive down to the liquor store, or back home to the wine cellar to bring something else, wouldn’t you be a little miffed if you gave someone a bottle, and they said, “it was turned, gimme another one!”

I say oh well…blame the wine gods.

So now Corrado has been raised to ‘wine god’ status?

Good pick up. Thought they could slip that one by us, did they?

Not currently a labrat, but …

I don’t think you need to replace a bad labrat bottle. That is, as has been said , luck of the draw.

I meant, Zinfandeus, Shivaraz, Brahmaollo, TempAllahnillo…those guys.

Absolute luck of the draw, you’re taking a chance by sending out the bottle. If they get it and it’s bad but don’t realize it’s bad and think it’s crappy wine and their post reflects it that could impact sales for the week. So no, no obligation there. This is of course subject to change if I ever happen to be a labrat and get a bad bottle.

Well, I know that I would be miffed if I got a bad bottle, and really wanted to share tasting notes for the week. But that’s a totally Nassic… Narssi … well that’s the knew jerk jealousy response. I think that in fact the reason you have multiple labrats for each type of wine offered would include the possibility of one of them getting a bad bottle. Heck people will still be getting what they ordered, and they still get a little drunk from even the bad swill(unless it’s just soapy water as proposed for one offering). I honestly think that most people would generally agree it’s not necessary to replace a surprise bottle as the notes will come from somewhere else anyway.

BTW WD did you ever say if the tediously slow state are able to be labrats? I’m guess no, because of the need of a middle man, but I’m just curious. (thankfully I’m not in one of those states.

hmmmm… as an after thought, I’m totally going to have to do research for any future moves to be sure I STAY in one of the freedom states.

You know who’s ALWAYS on the list? Iowa. You know where you don’t wanna live unless you have kids and want them to grow up somewhere relatively safe with a very good public school system? Iowa. And this only applies if you’re in Middle or Eastern Iowa. Western Iowa seems to get all of the Nebraska Riffraff and I don’t like it very well.

So do you get all three bottles for this price or what?