Monty Python-a-thon

I was wearing my “I’m a Lumberjack” shirt while waiting to pickup a rental car in the office. There was a guy there that sort of sheepishly said to me “You don’t look like a lumberjack”. I’m 5’0" at 120lbs. So, no, I don’t. Made me laugh. Made the shirt worth it.

why can’t this side sale be on AA shirts? sigh…

No That is one of my favorites!

I happen to have A Simple Question of Weight Ratios in a medium AA long sleeve shirt if any one is interested! $10 plus exact shipping from 72764 to you!

200x200 [/img]

Arrrrrghhhhh, Black Knight is so good on a hoodie. But I have too many hoodies already!

Shirt designs too vague but I really like Witch…!, Migratory Birds and Black Knight. Try incorporating “grail” or something obvious. “laud-fest” = cringe-fest. Buyers concerned with clever shirts, not ambitious copywriting.

I have to be a history nerd here, and point out that the coat of arms on the Black Knight hoodie is, by heraldic rules, incorrect. Monty Python is usually fairly accurate with their arms and other historic details, so this coat of arms (lol arms) being wrong is a disservice to the Python.

The only change that’s needed to make it legal would be to change the two black limbs that are on black panels to silver.

What, no Fish Slapping Dance?

Or Dead Parrot?

No, it all has to be about the Grail. Not even from the other films, especially clips like “Every Sperm is Sacred” -, or “Bright Side of Life,” both from Life of Brian

And not even a thin mint, to honor Mr. Creosote from The Meaning of Life, in which he blows? Up, that is. From bucket to splatter, you can see the full scene here:

Honestly, I’m just… Well, saddened and disappointed in you, Woot.

I need to shower away the shame I feel with a few random clips from the show, And Now For Something Completely different. You can join me, here:

I have the “They call me… Tim” shirt. I love the design, but the picture is a little misleading. The shirt color is considerably darker to the point where Tim’s body almost blends into the shirt.

“Garcon, a new bucket for Monsieur…and perhaps a hose.”

This sale is mirrored over on woot’s main site now, by the way…

Wow-zer, I will be at the final night of the London shows. I just ordered my “I’m a lumberjack” shirt.

So a “Jersey” hoodie is a light-weight hoodie. Good to know.