Moofi Presents: Moofi Open Box Clearance

Open box bidet? In for three.

I would love one if those Dyson vacs but my luck is that too many parts will be missing.

Bought the Towle Vince flatware set a few weeks ago- very pleased. High polish and a nice weight. Fork tines are smoothed off, which is my pet peeve in less-expensive flatware.

ahhh open box items! these are what we used to get in Bags of Crap. Now days the Bags are really crap with no value… thanks Amazon! I;m sure this long time wooter will probably get banned for suggesting this truth /le sigh.

Well, I got a lot of crap in the last wootoff BOC, but I also got those exact Gannett shoes (luckily it was my size too) in the open box sale, sooo your truth is… incorrect.

I just bought this for $389 before I saw this for $349. Hopefully, I’ll enjoy it enough when it comes that it won’t bother me.

FYI the Ninja Mega Kitchen I bought on here a couple weeks ago was shipped not only dirty, it was broken. The mixing bowl was cracked from top to bottom. Not sure what kind of checking goes on but it was obvious this thing had seen better days right out of the box.

Wish I’d been hovering over my keyboard when this popped up:

I got it. You wouldn’t have had to hover. I was just browsed around because I didn’t like the wootoff items, checked into deals and found it. I had to update my credit card to check out. It took several minutes. I kept expecting it to sell out from under me.
I hope it works well. My old gen2 I5 is showing its age.

Congrats! I assume you know what a ridiculously good deal you got. Totally jealous.

I want to replace my old Core2Duo machine with an i7 (so I can make it last for 5+ years) so I’ve been monitoring the HP and Dell deals on Woot hoping for just the sort of crazy deal you just got.

The i7 desktops are rarely under $600, let alone under $300. Seems like they wanted to put a wow-level deal in this sale like an Easter egg to encourage shoppers to carefully review subdirectories like this in the future.

I was thinking of ordering the Christmas tree. What is the return/refund policy for Open Box items? I couldn’t find this addressed anywhere.

You are so right.

From the features:

The units in this sale are being sold as open box condition. That means that they have been opened due to being a photo sample, a tested good customer return or having damaged packaging. Some non-essential items may be missing from the box. That is the reason for the reduced sale price and the reduced warranty

Warranty: 30 Day Woot

Okay, thanks. So to be totally clear, I could return it for a refund within 30 days?

You might want to read our return policy linked in my signature. We do not accept returns for personal reasons.

But to be clear, if its broken we can return it right? IE: half the lights don’t work, base is broken, etc. But if my wife doesn’t like it I can’t return it.

Indeed. If it doesn’t work correctly, you can return it in the first 21-days.

When is woot going to have a Pinnacle Baby Boomer in the Open box? Or for under $250 for that matter?

So this is the stuff that they used to give in the bag’s of crap! Nice way to screw us over Woot!