Moofi Presents: Outdoors & Survival

I bought the Seadoo scooter when it was first offered and played around with it at the house. Read the instructions fully, played with it dry a few times and not long ago took it out for its first wet run. It pulled really hard for 2-3 seconds, shut off and hasn’t turned on since. Anyone else buy one of these?

That CRKT Ken Onion skinner looks like it’d be really comfy for dressing out an animal. I’ve already got a couple of good skinning knives though.

I live in a completely land locked area. I mean, I guess I could take it to the pool???

Shameless plug - link to video from this past summer of my eating old-outdated MH food product.

Tasted fine, was stored in my basement for 10+ years. Outdated by 7 Years.

If your looking for “survival” foods, its pretty good - be aware that it helps to have a boiling water source for the foods as they are dehydrated and not an “MRE” style meals.

They taste pretty decent overall. Not amazing, but in the end of the world they would work.